Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Arts Bash Thank yous!!! (TAKE TWO!)

I have talked about my dear friend, Lydia, many times. She is truly amazing. And when she joins forces with other amazing people, she makes magic happen. Lydia and Sherene got together again to have homeschooled children write novels or stories. To say that magic happened is really an understatement!

I was lucky enough to be part of a team to do a pre-read of a group of the stories/novellas before they went to the off to the big time judges (Sara Guen, Holly Black, Joshilyn Jackson, Karen Abbott, and more). The writing was really really good! It was a joy to read what young people are writing. I can't wait to see what they do in the future!

Things like this don't happen without the help and sponsorship of some wonderful people, groups, and companies. I would like to give a big giant shout out to the amazing sponsors of Book Arts Bash 2010:

Big thank you to our generous sponsors:

Dreambox: Visit Dreambox for an incredible interactive math curriculum for kids from preschool through third grade. For kindergarten math, Dreambox is unparalleled in fun and pedagogical value. Check out the free trial and see what you think!

Shurley Grammar: A grammar curriculum that takes your child from first through seventh grade, using drills and jingles to teach writing skills (and also reading skills!) along the way. A trusted name in home education, Shurley will not steer you wrong.

Classical Academic Press: If you're contemplating teaching Latin or Greek in your homeschool, you definitely need this system. With audio, video, fun activities, and online Latin games, as well as standard workbooks and quizzes, anyone can teach Latin.

Prufrock Press: Parents of gifted children often have difficulty finding work that will challenge their kids' abilities while still being fun. Prufrock's gifted education materials are a godsend. Kids see them as a treat!

Explode the Code: Many of us have used Explode the Code workbooks with our kids and enjoyed the progressive phonics curriculum. Now Explode the Code has launched an online version, taking their reading education to a whole new level.

Can you help Lydia and Sherene by republishing the results and sponsor links on your blog, supporting homeschooled writers and this novel-writing contest? Please email them to let them know you can help. They need twenty blogs to participate. Would you donate a post on yours?

Thank you to all of you who helped to make this happen!

The winners for 2010 are:

Kindergarten and First Grade:

A Big Problem by Brianna T.
Runners up:
Adventures of Big D and BMC by Emma W.
Zoo With A Strange Zookeeper by Vivian L.

Second and Third Grade:

The Adventures of Blue Flame the Heroic Giant Squid-Fighting Heroby Sage M.
Runners Up:
Ruby, A Twisting Tale by Emilie M.
Mittens the Cat by Melea von T.

Fourth and Fifth Grade:

1 by Nicci M.
Runners up:
One Girl Revolution by Sadie Z.
Blaze by Alexandra S.

Sixth Grade:

The Princess by Lena G.
Runners up:
Becoming Callie by Lena G.
Trixie by Lydia A.

Seventh Grade:

Happy Ending is a Place by Mandy H.
Runners up:
Violet Fire by Bryn B.
Kite by Hannah S.

Eighth Grade:

Hollin by Garrett R.
Runners up:
Common Animals by Thomas B.
Little Angel by Adayla S.

Ninth Grade:

Why I Missed the Second Set by Rose C.
Runners up:
Untitled by Larissa S.
Tales of the Humbats: The Seventh Piece by Raven M.

Tenth Grade:

Children of the Stars by Holden M.
Runners up:
Shattering Darkness by Vienna H.
The Scouser Cap by Emily V.

Eleventh Grade:

Cadence by Scout G.
Runners up:
Vengeance: 25 cents by Kathleen M.
Don't Look Down by Tanya S

Twelfth Grade:

If Pearls Could Sing by Pamela C.
Runners up:
Broken Things by Emily D.
Falling Night by Anna W.


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Hi Kristen,

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And the same for the rest of the sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Er. The HTML formatting that I'm sending is not coming through. I'm not sure how to send how to link properly, but you probably get it.

Lydia said...

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kristen said...

I had to get to work this morning and didn't check the linkage - sorry. No, I'm not a complete idiot and actually do know how to link properly - but thanks :)

Lydia - sorry I bargled up the post :( Hopefully it is better now.

kristen said...

oh - and re: the banner, Lydia, no worries :)

Pragmaticmom said...

I used Explode the Code with my kids and I think it's great! I also liked

I blog on phonics at

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