Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fun - aka things that make me smile

okay, so it's not friday everywhere at this point, but it is here.

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have any of you read the children's book Petite Rouge Riding Hood by Mike Artell? it is a delightful and fun version of Little Red Riding Hood. Mike Artell has cajunized the book. it's not the very easiest of books to read - it's written in cajunspeak and you get to learn about things like shrimp etoufee and boudin (pronounced bowdan) and file (pronounced feeelay) and Petite Rouge Riding Hood has a gran mere and a cat TeJean too and who can forget Claude dat ol' gater. we have a signed copy (To Irene and Rhys, Hot Saucily Yours, Mike Artell - with a cute drawing). it's one of the very favorites in this house. for quite a long time, rhys asked for this book and Fox In Socks (talk about a numb tongue - after both of these, it was time for a drink!).

last night, irene read Petite Rouge to rhys. it was the cutest thing listening to her take on the voices of each of the characters and read all that cajun slang. she did an excellent job. i wish we'd had a recorder going so we could play it back, but i didn't want to interrupt the moment to go and get it.

something else that is fabulous is that Tara's Babies has gotten a small short term loan to cover the last amount that was due for them to secure the land. they are still looking for donations to cover that loan, so if you are so inclined, you can still donate. and go read dara's blog too :)
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