Friday, November 30, 2007

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Advent calendar and crèche

Advent calendars

Advent stockings

Jaye asked for more words - i'm sorry i've been lax at the words part - life being busy and all that.

Advent stockings are like advent calendars. except there is a little giftie every day. We do these with my sister and cousin and Nana and Oma help too. We each buy or make little presents for each of the 6 kids - it's complicated new math - but it works out. last year we decided to try and do more heartfelt and non-monetary gifts. i did a bit better with that last year than this - but i found some neat pens and pencils and things like rubber cement and mini staplers :) all good things for the crowd we buy/make for.

when i was little, my mom and a few of her dear friends did this for us. they are fun and the kids enjoy it. today rhys got some butteflies to paint and irene got a cardinal to make. they were both delighted.

later in the day, we were in a christmas parade. did i take a picture of the props? no - argle. oh well.



Snowball fight

Snowing on Sparks Blvd

Snow at target

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


sorry, cyn! didn't mean to worry anyone. i went today for my first mammogram...i'm just over 1 year late in getting it. actually, i was supposed to get my first one at 35 b/c of mom's breast cancer, but i was nursing until i was 36 - then you're supposed to wait another 4 months before doing it and i just didn't. so i made the appointment a few weeks ago. it wasn't nearly as bad as i'd expected. i've heard horror stories and i've heard non horror stories, so i wasn't sure what to expect. it was not bad. they were lovely and the nurse/tech person explained everything as she was doing it. so, now i wait to hear what the results say.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The De Haan boys

Queen of the World!!


Daddy got home early!!!

hopefully you can view this better and not quite so dark if you click on it.

rob got off work early today and even though we'd already gone to a park, when rob suggested going, we were all up for it. we went to a different park (the hidden one at the lazy 5). it was fun. here's rob riding the brown horse. i was on the white horse and rhys was on the black one. great fun was had by all.

so we got to play


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