Sunday, June 10, 2018

Eat. Share. Connect.

My brother, Matt, and I were talking a little about this and it got me to thinking.

Here is what I hope people are able to do with the sudden loss of Anthony Bourdain.

Eat with people. Eat with people you don't know. Eat with people you love. Prepare food with people. Share your stories. Be respectful. When in a new place, try new things. When someone offers you something, try it and thank the person for sharing it with you.

We have so many commonalities. Sharing a table, sitting and taking the time to listen, it helps us see these commonalities.

In an interview on Fresh Air he talked about his sort of kind of iron stomach and that if you see locals going to a street vendor, no matter if it seems dirty, go there. You are likely to get a good meal without any gastrointestinal distress. It is the caesar salad in the hotel restaurant that is more likely to cause a problem.

Be brave. Try new things. Learn about people. Share yourself with others. Connect.