Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flat Tire

Sorry if i upset anyone by not saying what had happened...I wasn't thinking (obviously) and just assumed you'd know it was just a tire.  I was driving the girls to school (mine and one of our friends' daughters) and hit a curb as I was going around a round about (no, i was NOT speeding!!) and heard a pop, but hoped for the best - went a wee bit farther to where I could turn onto a safe street (and was also closer to the school) and parked the car, got out and there was a very very flat tire.

So - Rhys and I walked the girlies to school (only 1/2 mile and we were early - phew!) and walked back to the car.  Called AAA only to find that either a) they didn't send the bill to the right place, 2) they didn't get our payment or c) it came and got buried.  I've been a member of AAA since 1988 - I don't want a card that says I've been a member since 2008!  oh, but that's besides the point (heh heh).  So, I was able to reinstate it over the phone (phew!) and they called the tow truck for us.  The tow truck came in the specified time (he was even a little early) and he towed us to Costco so we could get 2 tires repaired and buy one -- but you cannot buy just one tire - you have to buy two - so the blown tire and the tire that had a razor blade in it (nice) went out the window and they fixed the tire with a hole in it from the various construction that's been going on and Rhys and I were eventually on our way...

I'd planned on running several errands - and planned on calling my girlfriend, Tanya, early to sing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but that didn't end up happening until after we got home and settled a bit.

Ah well.  At least it was ONLY a tire and not anything awful.

Sorry if I worried anyone...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones!!

WHAT FUN!!!! Well and truly, a good time was had by all!! As Rob wrote, we ordered our tickets from Fandango a month before the movie came out in theaters. We're big fans. Both kids (especially Rhys) LOVE Indiana Jones. I have such good memories of going and seeing Raiders with my Gramma when it was brand new - i was 10 way back then. Rhys became enamored of Indiana Jones before he was 2 and he believed that one of the trash collectors was Jones (i have the pictures to show it!). At all sorts of random times, he'll start humming the theme song. Usually when he's imagining with his little action figures. Irene ahs at various points not wanted to see it at all, and then wanted to see all of it.

Last weekend on SciFi, they had an Indiana Jones Marathon. The kids hadn't seen Temple of Doom (truly my least favorite by far - not because of Short Round, but because of Willie - gadzooks, Kate Capshaw was SO not up to the challenge - especially after Marion (oh how I wanted to be Marion). Anyway, they watched it and I talked Rhys through it when it got scary. At one point, Raiders was on again and Rob changed the channel. Rhys was heartbroken! So we set it up in the other room for him and he was happy as a clam.

So - yesterday! I picked Irene up from school early (that's right, i TOOK HER OUT OF SCHOOL to see the movie!) and we drove to the theater. The theater is in South Reno in the new Sierra Summit Mall (do we still get to call it new when it's been around for more than a year?). We got there a little more than 1 hour before the our showing started. We went in and I got a lovely coffee (and not hugely overpriced - maybe .75 more than if I'd bought my caramel macchiato at Starbucks -- i had a headache and caffeine was the answer) and the kids got REALIO TRULIO milkshakes!! They had Dryer's Ice Cream so you could choose your flavor. Irene got Strawberry Cheesecake, Rhys got Chocolate. I think there were about 4 scoops of ice cream in each one!! Well worth the 4.50 each. Once we were in line (or in lion, if you're Rhys), Gramps (FIL) got some popcorn. About that time, the movie before our showing got out - this one was the showing that many of Rob's co-workers had gone to see, so we got the immediate reviews from some friends. All reviews were positive. Rob got some coca-cola, I zoomed the kids to the restroom, and then we were in! It's been a LONG time since I've been to the movies (last one was for Irene's 1/2 birthday when we saw Shrek the Third. Before that? I have no idea) and they don't play music or show slides before the movie anymore. Now they show commercials. Not too over the top, so that was good. The funniest ones were the ones for Step-Brothers. It looked like it was just a billboard/slide...then Will Ferrell and John C Reilly moved and would talk to the audience.

Once the trailers started, it was LOUD. Rhys quickly covered his ears. The Batman trailer was SUPER loud and sort of scary and violent. I think we saw more scary violence during the trailers than in the entire movie. And really? LOUD. I feel like the Grannies when I say that, but truly, I think that even Jalen (who is deaf) could have heard it!

Then, finally, after a good 20 minutes of trailers, the LucasFilms logo came on and we were off and running! The movie really was fun. Was it as good as the first? No, of course not. Nothing can touch Raiders, but it was fun and I LOVED having Marion in the film again. There were lots of homages to previous Indy films (look for Marcus Brody's portrait, among other things that I don't want to spoil). There were parts where Rhys was practically inside of me, but I'd talk him through and he'd be fine. Gramps said that Irene was very very close to him throughout the movie. When it was over, we watched for friends in the credits. Rhys was sitting very quietly - sorting it all out in his head, I think.

When we left, he and Irene declared it FUN and gave it a thumbs up.

Is it a movie for all littles? Probably not. You know your child best. For mine, it was fine. We're not going to see Prince Caspian in the theater because we've heard that it's surprisingly violent (Irene just finished the book - which was NOT really violent - the skirmish takes about 1 chapter of the entire book - so it's disappointing to hear that it is heavy on the violence). I'd say that if your child has seen several of the Harry Potter movies, this would be fine. If your child is a fan of the previous Indiana Jones movies, then again, this will be just fine.

To see movie mom's review, you can go here. I don't agree with everything she says, but she's spot on with some of it. It *is* PG-13, but again, I know my kids and what they can and can't do. They did well with this one.

After the movie, we went to BJ's for dinner and it was scrumtrulescent. The kids fell asleep in the car and barely woke up when we arrived home. I carried Rhys and Rob carried Irene. No bad dreams for either of them.

So - if you enjoy Indiana Jones, I highly recommend it for a couple of hours of good fun. I am so happy that we got to share this with our kids. I'm still giddy, really.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthday Day

Today is Moni's birthday (my stepmom) and it's Pat's birthday (Rob's mom). So - on the one hand, it's a very happy day - we just called Moni and Rhys sang - THREE TIMES into three different phones - Happy Birthday To Gramma. She, my dad, and gramma made enchiladas yesterday and cut meat for chile verde - YUM! I can just taste it and am incredibly envious! Unfortunately, Redlands is pretty far from here...Matt and Michelle will go to celebrate with her (and Gramma and Dad) and we'll be there in spirit. We sent gerbera daisies to her - they looked beautiful online. They are from a company called Organic Bouquet. Anyway, it was good to talk to her and the flowers arrived as I was on the phone.

Today is also bittersweet because it is Pat's birthday and this is our first of her birthdays without her. It's a weird thing to know that we can't just call and wish her a happy birthday. And I don't know how Rob's feeling about it. It's hard to know what to say. I'm thinking about Rob's sisters and his dad - and of course, Rob.

Rob's dad is coming up tomorrow. We're going to go see Indiana Jones (yes yes i've talked about it a lot, but man o man are we loooking forward to it. oh! and you can go to rob's blog to see his Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark guy.  

oops!  you can actually see Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark HERE!  sorry 'bout that!

crazy weather

Sunday was HOT. We came home and it was in the 90s. upstairs it was in the high 80s. Tuesday it was also very hot, but not quite as hot as monday, but still quite warm. We had the fans going in the house. Wednesday morning we still had the fans going, but then it started cooling off and was downright chilly by the time I took Irene to school. Rhys was still wearing shorts and was happy as a clam. I had 3/4 sleeves on and was fine. This morning? IT WAS SNOWING!!! not a HUGE amount of snow, but still, SNOW. i guess that's why they say that the last frost day is memorial day. but just so crazy.

This weekend the pool opens. The kids won't care if it's freezing, but we parents will not enjoy that so much...ah well. maybe it will turn hot.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

father's day came early...

rhys and i ventured into target today - i needed bandanas for girl scouts (they are in the 1.00 section) and got various other things. how is it that i go for a few things and leave with a gazillion? need to go back tomorrow and return scads of things that i really didn't need - and i forgot to look at labels and got some things that were really relatively inexpensive, but not really the best choice for us in trying to buy things from places where people are treated fairly etc...anyway, back to the story at hand. my girlfriend, anna, got rob Darth Tater and the Spud Trooper a few years ago (that long??), and the kids and i got him Artoo Potatoo - all of which he keeps at work. rhys and i saw indiana jones - from Taters of the Lost Ark. if you push the hat, it does the theme song. we decided it would be a fun father's day present. so, we brought it home, showed irene once she was home, and i hid it.

at dinner, rhys started giving rob hints. "daddy - look somewhere over HERE" so i knew that there was just going to be no peace until we gave it to him. rhys was over the moon about it. hopefully rob likes it too - i think he does. if nothing else, it'll put a smile on his face - and his co-workers too, i'd imagine.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a quickie

my phone is dead, so i can't show a picture from today's girl scout meeting - the girls had great fun. we have a cadette helping us and she did a Try-It (for those of you not savvy in all things girl scouts, Try-Its are the badges for Brownies). it was the Science in Action try-it and the girls thought it was fabbo - especially because victoria was a fabulous teacher. yea.

on the health front...i'm still tired, but hopefully coming out the other side of this gross thing. i know that when i'm under stress, my immune system goes to hell in a handbasket. i'm working on it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

strawberry shortcake

lilies beginning

green backyard

hopefully it will stay green over the weekend of hot hot temps!

friday fill-ins

It's time for Janet's Friday Fill-Ins #72 though today's questions are brought to us by Jennifer.

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to bungie jump!
2. 100 degree temperatures reminds me that summer is almost here!
3. I cannot live without my family (awwww).
4. Eating sushi in Japan and ballroom dancing with Rob are two things I'd like to try.
5. When life hands you lemons juice them and make realio trulio lemonade - and also margaritas.
6. Just one?? Hmm - all of the month long trips during the summer in the car and stopping at various points along the way, and, because Indiana Jones is coming out next week i've also got to add going to see Indiana Jones with my gramma (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and missing the first scene - then having Gramma turn to me and say "Shall we stay and watch it again??" and we did! is my favorite childhood memory.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to Lodi, tomorrow my plans include seeing Baby Bradley while Rob and his dad, his sister, and sister's boyfriend ride a 50K race in 100 degree temps and Sunday, I want to have a safe trip home!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

sleep is highly overrated

yep. that's what i'm going with. i convinced rob that we should go to bed earlier than we have the previous two nights (after midnight and almost midnight) because when your sick, you should go to bed early. so, off we went - at 10:20 or so...i tossed and turned for quite a while - then about 1/2 hour ago, i came downstairs. i've made myself some camomille (i've spelled that word 3 different ways and still have yet to get it right - so we'll go with the spanish word for it -- MANZANILLA) tea to maybe help induce sleepishness...what i should be doing? cleaning the house. but i don't have the energy for that. ah well.

irene was extra sweet today. she and skyler had to take the bus to school - this is something that terrifies irene, for whatever reason (mostly, i think, b/c she thinks she'll be late to school). so, i walked the girls down with rhys in tow. rhys wanted to race - skyler wanted to win. this, of course, frustrated the nearly 5 year old (omg! nearly 5?!?) no end, so irene raced him and went very slowly so his little legs could win. then after school, when i was feeling all sorts of crummy and sky and rhys were jibberjabbering about silly stuff, she reached up to just give me one of those "i know you're feeling awful, mama" kind of squeezes on my shoulder as i was driving. it was very sweet and very appreciated. i didn't have time to tell her just how much i appreciated it before she headed to bed b/c i had a service unit meeting, so i wrote her a note that she will get in the morning.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

still sick & stuffed up!

i hate being sick.  i most especially hate being sick when i don't feel like doing anything.  i have a meeting tonight, so i *have* to be up and ready to go.  bleh.  i'm tired of my left nostril draining green goo down the back of my throat.  oh, perhaps this should have come with a grossness factor warning.

i want to see baby bradley this saturday.  i may have to stay outside while the kids are inside.  the kids who seem to have just barely brushed by this cold as if it were nothing.

good times.

and now i have to be a little careful about what i write here b/c the beanie girl knows not only what it's called, but how to find it.  hmmmm....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Show

Here is Irene posing for a caricature at the art show. it was a little disappointed. i came prepared to pay insane amounts of money for my kid's art, but it wasn't that. they just had one display of each classes art - by their classroom. this Arts Attack thing has been happening for several months. Nothing came home from the things they made, so i assumed that it would be like other schools, and it would be all over and we could buy it. nope. this whole event was to raise money for Arts Attack. Arts Attack at our school is pretty much parent run. I was supposed to do it with Irene's class last week, but I was unbelievably sick - like crazy not feeling good sick. So, I let Irene's teacher know on Wednesday that I was really sick and I didn't think I would be able to do art with Rhys there (also sick) and me sick. Oh well.

Anyway, the other thing that was a bummer was the silent auction. I had no idea that there would be a silent auction. They only had 8 or 9 things up for auction. I tried SO HARD to win the Mad Science party. I kept bidding and bidding and bidding! A young kid really wanted it and told me he was prepared to go to 150.00 - so I went to 125.00 hoping it was a bluff. Nope. It wasn't. At least I got another 50.00 for the art program (cue maniacal laughter). I also tried to get a gift certificate to a local restaurant, but was outbid there too. Again, yea for the art program. BUT, only 8 or 9 things??? and none of them having to do with Art??? There are several places that could have donated something - The Playful Potter perhaps? One of the places that has art classes? SOMETHING. I'm not on the PTA board and don't get to attend meetings as they are the same day and usually the same time as my brownie meetings, because I do understand the "if you have all the damned ideas, then YOU do it next time and do it better!" But i really think i *could* have done it better. I wish that they'd at least have told the parents that they were looking for donations for the silent auction. I could have offered something - or looked for donations. We did buy 4 ice cream sundaes (for irene, rhys, and two friends) and water as well as getting a caricature for Irene (Rhys had melted down into little puddles of "I've been waking up at 5:30 am for the past 3 days"ness). So we DID participate and I feel great that we DID help get money for an arts program. I love that the Mad Science kit went for a minimum of 140.00 b/c Max and I (that was his name - Max) both wanted it. I just wish there had been more.

Rhys' sweet new sunglasses

Monday, May 12, 2008

G.U.E.S.S. Homeschool Science Fair Sponsors: Please Steal This Post

most of this post is brought to you by my beautiful and brilliant friend, Lydia - is the homeschooling mom of two amazing and delightful children, Benny (Irene's age) and Sadie (4 1/2). This post is brought to you by her - you can see the original here - and i'm going to put a few comments at the bottom too.

The G.U.E.S.S. Homeschool Science Fair took place on May 5th in Norfolk VA, where smart young scientists shared their research and conclusions with their peers, their families, and the judges. Fun was had, friends were made, hypotheses were proven, and prizes were awarded! Thank you to all the sponsors of the G.U.E.S.S. Homeschool Science Fair!

If you would like to help thank these generous sponsors by boosting their links on key search words, please steal this post, links and all, and republish it to your blog. When you’ve done this, email and let us know, so that we can add you to our “Science Fair Bloggers” and give you some links and traffic too! You’ll get a link on Little Blue School, Homeschooled Twins, and on the homeschool science fair web site. Need the code? Click here to get the .txt file with all the links in place.

Moore Expressions is a homeschool bookstore in Virginia Beach, VA. They sell used and new homeschooling curriculum, host a support group, and publish a newsletter called the Bayith Educator. They are the premier source for homeschooling books in the Hampton Roads area.

Art of Dance Academy is a dance and theater school on the border of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. They offer “Tiny Tots” toddler dance classes, youth classes for ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop, and adult classes too. Most importantly, the host the famous summer princess dance camp.

Norfolk Karate Academy offers classes in Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) and Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian grappling and self-defense). With classes for children, teens, and adults, it’s a great way for anyone to get in shape and kick things in a socially acceptable way!

Nauticus is Norfolk’s maritime museum and home of the USS Wisconsin battleship. The hot new exhibit is Seabots: Pilots of the Deep! Have you seen it? Nauticus is in the process of setting up a Homeschool Advisory Group to talk about homeschool science programs at the museum.

Mariner’s Museum has amazing programs for homeschoolers learning about maritime science, history, and even pirates! Their next homeschool open house is on May 15th and features a class in pirate lore. Visit Mariner’s Museum for historical exhibits and educational programming. offers homeschool curriculum packages to take the guesswork out of selecting materials that compliment each other to create a whole year of learning for your homeschooler. Three collections are available for each level, and individual books are for sale too.

Brooks Systems offers standalone software and web applications that check legal compliance in all municipalities in all fifty states, and create truth-in-lending documents for residential lenders. Using Brooks for your automated mortgage compliance, you can be sure your loans are safe.

Dr. Bernard Nebel has written two books to help homeschool teachers integrate learning in different areas of the curricula into one living breathing learning experience. His new book, Building the Foundations for Scientific Understanding, is a science curriculum for K-2.

Young Chef’s Academy is a marvelous kitchen classroom with amazing cooking classes for kids. Go ahead - cover yourself in flour! Most amazing of all: their summer camp offerings are themed around the Olympic Games. Cook for the Gold with Camp Can-I-Cook in Norfolk this summer.

Mad Science is Hampton Roads’ premier provider of science enrichment classes for children. Summer classes include “Crazy Chemistry” and a space camp developed with NASA! New homeschool science classes are being offered in Norfolk and VA Beach, with more planned for fall.

eScienceLabs creates boxes of joy for science loving homeschoolers. In each kit is a complete science experience — from individual lessons to full years of high school labs. Hands-on science kits are the answer to your laboratory woes. Everything is in there: test tubes, goggles, and fun.

Folkmanis Puppets makes the most delightful animal puppets available outside Santa’s workshop. Meet their most unusual creations like llamas, Chinese dragons, ostriches, flying squirrels. Unusual materials create realistic textures, and they all move in very realistic ways. Irresistible.

Book Exchange is the largest used bookstore in Eastern Virginia. Unlike most musty and confusing used stores, this one is clean, bright, inviting, and has a huge selection of used homeschool books.

Thank you for your help in promoting these homeschool-friendly sites. They took a risk on sponsoring us in the first year of our science fair, and we appreciate their support.

if there were a way that I could live in Virginia (preferably right next door to lydia), and still be close to my family, i'd do it in a heartbeat. well, i suppose it would be important for rob to be able to telecommute for his job too b/c he really likes it - *I* really like his job too. but, back to this - when i first read one of lydia's posts about Mad Science, i was very envious. irene has just really started truly enjoying science and science projects and she participated in the school science fair, so i've been looking for different science things. so, i was excited for lydia and benny and sadie and all the people in virginia, but sad for us here. well, guess what? yesterday, while we were at Art In The Garden, there was an area for kids - several fun free things (free is good!) and the Mad Science folks ere there!! irene and rhys both had fun with them. they got to do a few different things with them and i got a brochure. i don't think that any of the science camps will work for us this year, but hopefully at another time we can do them.

and Folkmanis Puppets puppets! we LOVE them! rhys has a lion by folkmanis and irene has a fairy ballerina and a few other small fairies by them. truly, everything that lydia said about them is true - they are delightful and lifelike and so fun to play with and pretend with.

Book Exchange sounds just like the kind of place the kids and i could spend hours and hours. the only used bookstores i've found around here so far are not really kid friendly and don't have so many kid books.

there is not a sponsor on the G.U.E.S.S. list of sponsors that i'd not be pleased to patronize. Lydia and her fellow homeschoolers that put the Science Fair together did an amazing job and the businesses that sponsored them are really wonderful! The pictures of the kids show how much fun they had.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

some pix i love

i don't know how much i've written here about my gramma lately, but she's 93 and in hospice care. she's got heart failure stuff going on and is on oxygen. she's had several times when everyone thought "this is it" and then she's rallied.

well, she's rallied again. she's one tough cookie. her short term memory is mostly shot, but the last few times i've been there, she's known who i am and known i have two kids and a wonderful husband. MUCH better than when she doesn't know who Irene is (rhys i can understand a bit more, b/c she was declining much more when he was born - but she was there when Irene was born and we went and visited as often as we could. plus, Irene is Gramma's mother's name. anyway, my gramma is one of those people in my life that has helped to make me the person i am. she's always had HUGE unconditional love for me and never questioned my choices (at least not to me). i used to spend at least 1 weekend/month with her when I lived with my dad and moni (so from 1979 - 1984), and then she'd come up or we'd go down to visit her when i lived with mom. most christmases she spent at our house (or at least that's how i'm remembering it). anyway, she's very very special to me and it will be hard when she's gone gone. i've done a lot of mourning already as she's declined more and more in the memory department. i'll probably write more at various times, but that's it for now.
gramma holding rhys when he was about 1 month old. i love her hands on his wee feet.
here is a picture of the grannies (as we have referred to them since they moved in together in 1994). gramma is in the pink pants on the left, janty is on the right. mom took this when they all went to "visit the boys" as well as visiting with Mother and Dad. the boys are my papa and great uncle. the cemetary is a lovely one in san diego.

and here are 4 generations of Romig/Peace women - this was at janty's 90th this past november. there's Irene (almost 8), Gramma (nearly 93), me (37) and mom (62).
and this is one of my most favorite pictures! it's from July 2002 - Irene was 2 1/2. Gramma and Mom were running back and forth and swinging Irene over the little wee sprinkler. Gramma is a woman full of spunk and glee. she has a twinkle in her eye and a great sense of joy.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


irene took this picture - cool isn't it? i love rob's eyes in this picture most especially. i'm not entirely certain *how* irene took this picture, but i like it a lot.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Total Frustration!

this is a wee bit ranty...

so - erica had her baby. he's had to stay in the NICU for longer than anyone hoped, but he's getting better slowly but surely (immature lungs). i tried to send flowers to her that would get to her on day four (b/c for me, with both kids, day 4 was rough. milk coming in, everything that was going slightly wrong seemed nearly insurmountable, hormones all over the place, etc etc...and i had my babies WITH me, not staying in the NICU WITHOUT me!). so i looked on the internet and found a few sites that said they were local. called one, they couldn't do what i wanted, called the next (Wesley Berry Flowers) and they were pleased as punch - no problem. they'd do the ton of yellow daisies and gerberas and lilies. i originally gave them the correct address, but i was off by a number on the zip code. so i called back about 7 minutes later...and got someone who sounded ilke she was in new jersey (so it was NOT actually a local store IN their town!)...she took care of the correction, said it wouldn't be a problem.

well, i finally heard from erica about it yesterday...the flowers never arrived at her house. nope. they went to Sonora to someone that didn't know what to do with them. the florist called E and said, we're sorry. your flowers were misdelivered and we can't get them to you b/c they'll be dead by then. so i called them yesterday afternoon. the person with whom i spoke said that she'd check into it and call the LOCAL florist (bastards) and see what happend, then call me back. yeah. that didn't happen. so TODAY i got CHARGED for the flowers that were misdelivered!! so i called again. it will take 7 - 14 days to get my money back!?! that seems crazy. do i get to charge them interest? grrrr.

BUT! instead of doing the delivered flowers, i found THIS site! and i got them something even cooler! i got the arbor day tree growing kit! that will be much more fun for the new big bruvvahs to do with Erica and Tony. so there!

next time i try to send flowers from a local flower place, i'll ASK first and make SURE they are in the town where i'm sending the flowers!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Irene's Earth Day Poem

Irene's Earth Day poem was one of a handful of poems chosen to be in the school newsletter this month - and here it is (sorry i can't show the pictures that go with it too)

Love our Earth
Own hybrid cars
Very lovely Earth
Earth needs to stay clean

Outside is what needs to be clean
Use your plastic bags over and over

Earth is great
A little thing can change a lot
Try to pick up trash
Help to clean the earth

not too shabby!  we talk about these things over the weeks/months/years and it's nice to see how much she's taken in.  we DO use our plastic bags over and over and over again.  the bags we sometimes get from the grocery store we take back over and over again and get them refilled (yes, we also have our reusable cloth/fabric/etc bags that we take and use).  yep, we do own a hybrid (rob has a prius) and we do try to pick up trash whenever we see it.  

earlier in the school year, irene got several kids together during recesses and they'd pick up trash - she brought the grocery bags and they'd pick up things they found on the playground.  no one told her to do this, she just decided it was a good thing to do.

man do i love that girlie of mine (even when she drives me batty...).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

stuff and stuff

still not 100%...i felt really pretty good yesterday - tired, but not, i feel a little less than wonderful. rob has got a touch of it too. thankfully he was able to sleep - i really don't want him to get it like i got it.

we did play a fair amount of mario kart. we've got a few friends who are on the network. it's really really fun.

just watched lost. i don't like jack a lot - and i really don't like him when he's rob says he's got a lot to work out.

(all of my subject headers are so random - like i'd ever find information about what i wanted by remembering the titles - heh heh - just a little freeform thought there)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rhys' rendition of...

daddy batting

Rhys' rendition of...

daddy with his glove.

friday fill ins on saturday

1. Two of my favorite ingredients in a drink are Vodka and almost anything!
2. The kindness of others often amazes me.
3. You can keep doing that forever, the dog is done dooed.
4. Salagadoola menchicka boola, mix it all together and voila! You have Bibbity Bobbity Boo!.
5. If I had a yard with a garden, I would love to grow all of the vegetables that my family loves along with sweetpeas (which i managed to successfully grow INdoors....
6. Sex is best au naturel.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Mario Kart (done!), tomorrow my plans include Mario Kart & Softball and Sunday, I want to Play Mario Kart (and hopefully watch Rob's team win or place the Corporate Challenge!

go here to play too!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

still feeling puny

i don't know exactly why i'm so dead from this dadgummed cold, but so it goes. and yes, i'm up too late....but we were playing, you see. i HAD to stay up - we were playing mario kart - against a few of rob's co-workers. very cool playing over the network.

rob has the corporate challenge this weekend - we'll go to some games, but what i really want to do is just sleep.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

it's true. i'm a fan. it's the whole reason that i was excited and in when rob said - let's see if we can get a wii - let's just keep our eyes out and go for it when the time comes...anyway - back to mario kart. i love the game. i've loved it since way back when rob had his super nintendo system. i liked it even more when we had the nintendo 64 system and we got Mario Kart 64. it's SO MUCH FUN! and we would play for hours and hours and hours. we would play against our friends and holy canoly it was fun fun fun.

well....THIS one - DUDE (yep, i'm pulling out the dude!), it is AWESOME! you can play against the WORLD! you can play against up to 11 other people!!! so, if you have Mario Kart Wii, you can play me! i love toad and my magickruiser! and oh, anna anna anna, you must COME TO VISIT and i can truly show you the glory that is Mario Kart Wiiiiiii! but for now, here are some links: a cool review , the wiki, some youtube.

it's fun. i get fairly competitive on it - language that usually doesn't pass my lips when kids are around flows easily and often...the graphics are really good, the tricks are fun, the characters are great and i love being able to drive the motorcycle. i need to get better at using the wheel - right now i use the nunchucks more than the wheel. i get all squirrely with the wiiwheel.

so - there's a wee bit about mario kart. and now you know a little more about the geekier side of me. or is it mii?