Saturday, July 26, 2008

picking out frames

we've already chosen the frames - she went with the first pair.

again, because lydia wanted to see...

can you believe it? not only have i showered, but i also SHAVED! and i put on REAL CLOTHES!! shocking isn't it?

and b/c i know that many of you will want to know, the quilt behind me is our wedding quilt made for us by my fabulous and beautiful sister-in-law, Debbie. In the little pink squares (the centers of the burgundy squares are signatures and notes from our immediate family. There are many many hearts quilted with beautiful hand quilting in the blues. and my goodness - i am even matching it, aren't i?

Do you like the crayola bandaid i'm using to keep the - um - tassel? from dangling? yep, i'm too cool for the real world.

Friday, July 25, 2008

special for Lydia

kristen with nasal tampon. aren't you glad you asked for it?

blog 365 - fail...ah well

i was doing quite well for the first 1/2 of the year. i then went on a 3 week road trip with the kids (more later) and had no phone service so i couldn't do my moblog thing (old contract thing - didn't want to use the roaming), then, upon returning home, i got the bloody nose from hell that didn't want to stop and now have a "nasal tampon" crammed into my nose and 1/2way up my brain. i'm on vicodin and that is helping. it gets removed on monday. may the nose have fully stopped bleeding by then and not start up again. knock wood, throw salt, saying prayers, etc.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

enjoying our visit

We are having a wonderful time here in Flower Mound. We celebrated BIL Chuck's 50th yesterday with friends and family. How lucky that the only available time for us to visit happened to coincide with the party. The kids are LOVING being able to go to the pool. On the 4th, we actually got to SEEEEEEE fireworks - even up close! We had a ton of glow sticks (which is how we celebrated the 4th last year). We were at Jake's old elementary school in the playground area - the kids played and played and then the fireworks started. They were great fun to watch - lots of families there, some neighbors, all fun.

Rhys is most especially delighted to be with his big cousins Jake and Ben. Big Cousin Jake is exactly 10 years older than Rhys. I don't know for sure how much Jake is enjoying all the extra attention, but he's being pretty good about it.

Today is going to be Jake's first time (FIRST TIME!) seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark. Rhys is HUGELY OVER THE TOP excited about the fact that Jake will be seeing it. We've talked about it several times since before our trip even started.

So -- I'm going to go because lunch is happening and it's leftover Red Hot & Blue.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Safely in Flower Mound, Texas

it was a long drive yesterday. just a little hint, should you find yourself driving in Texas. actually 2. 1) what is the "fast lane" to me, is the "passing lane" here. don't use it as a fast lane and hang out there. i didn't, i'd learned that before getting into texas. 2) if you see a police car or any emergency vehicle pulling someone over, YOU MUST MOVE TO THE PASSING LANE or SLOW DOWN 20 MILES BELOW THE POSTED LIMIT. i got a ticket for that! argh!!! put a big damper on the drive b/c i thought i was doing everything right. i was only a few miles above the posted limit (when i passed the cop, he was IN HIS CAR not outside of his car and i HAD SLOWED DOWN - just not 20 miles below the posted 80 miles). i had no idea that was a law. :(

so now you all know that!!

happy fourth of July!!!