Thursday, May 31, 2018

A long time later, and yet just the blink of an eye

I wrote this e-mail on August 15, 2005. Irene's first day of kindergarten. 

She graduates in 14 days. FOURTEEN. On August 14th, we'd been in our house for a *very* short time.

*********************** was Irene's first day of kindergarten -- what a huge
milestone! how did this day get here so darned quickly?? wasn't it just last
week when we were bringing home that 8 pound 9 oz baby girl? sheesh...ah
well. she was HUGELY ready for today. after irene's meet 'n'
greet/assessment with her teacher (ms. romaggi), ms. romaggi said "she is
REALLY READY for kindergarten!" Ms. R is happy to have an older kid or two
in the class b/c she apparently has a very young class this year.

Irene had her outfit picked out for several days prior to the start of
school - we had some gymbucks (thanks, gramma moni!) to spend and this
outfit was on an amazing sale - HOORAY! and the shoes are pink and they
light up and she's only worn them a few times since papa and gramma got them
for her, so they are still, surprisingly, white!

the fairies left her some goodies last night along w/a little card -- she
got a fairy tea set that is a weeeeee leeetle thing - bitty teapot and two
teensyweensy cups just big enough for fairies, and they left some glow in the
dark butterflies on her walls. she thought that was mighty fine and made a
card for them to find as a thank you.

One of the cool things about rob's current job is that he usually has
mondays and fridays off, so he was able to come to school on this very
important day. We got there about 10 minutes early or so and Irene (along
with Rhys) played on the play structure. Soon after we arrived, Irene's
friend from swimming arrived. Irene was so happy to see Brianna and gave her
a big hug. It was very sweet. When the bell rang, the two of them held hands
into the classroom and sat next to 'theirchother' to listen to Ms. Romaggi.
Soon after the kids sat down, Ms R told us that we could leave when we felt
our child was ready. Well, having been on the other side of this w/my
toddler and preschool classes, i knew that irene was fine and happy and so
we all gave her kisses and loves and said our goodbyes. poor rhys. i think
it might have been the roughest on him "renebean is??? my renebean is?????"
he asked a few times during the school hours for her. poor guy.
i only got a bit choked up as i was driving and asked rob how irene got to
be old enough to be in kindergarten.

so, at 11:40, i arrived to pick her up and she was all smiles and very happy
and looked a bit tired. i got a picture of her w/ms romaggi and then home we
went. she said she had a lot of fun and told me a bit about different places
in the room (there's a special reading area, they sang 2 songs, they had
outside time, etc). THEN --- as if going to kindergarten weren't enough to
make this a big day, as i was helping her floss her teeth tonight, i
realized that one of them is LOOSE!!!! it's the very first tooth she got
when she was 10+ months old - bottom left.

she went to bed SO jazzed about that. as i left the room i heard her say "OH

so that was our day. yup, i'm a proud mama who is still in sheer and utter
disbelief that this could have happened already. *smile*
13 years later and I'm still a proud mama who is in sheer and utter disbelief that we could already be at this point. 

I look forward to her adventures in college and beyond!