Monday, October 16, 2006

whoops! it's been a week.

thanks to carrie for bonking me on the head and reminding me that i've disappeared. the thing is, i get so bummed when the blogs i enjoy are not updated regularly. i'm constantly impressed with DebR who posts nearly every single day. when she doesn't post for a few days and she hasn't told us she's going to be gone, i worry *smile*

so -- let's see...a quick view of our past week...on monday, rhys and i went for a walk. it wasn't such a great healthy quick walk for me as rhys wanted to walk on his own rather than hang out in the stroller. we went looking at all the groovy trees and colored leaves. this is one thing that i DO really like about nevada. we didn't have the changing colors of leaves to this extent in petaluma or rohnert park.
Rhys on our walk. it looks like he's doing itsy bitsy spider, but i don't think he is.
some really cool colors in the trees on our walk

the trees are really in cool colors right now.

this is our flowering flame pear tree in the front yard.

tuesday was brownies. it was also the pumpkin patch field trip. rhys got to come as well b/c i was driving myself. we successfully went through the corn maze. this year the corn stalks were at least 8 feet high (it's really hard for me to judge heights b/c i'm short - 5'). I'd heard from someone the key to getting through the maze, but there were many points when i began to doubt. it was still a lot of walking. i was surprised. by the end of it, our group of girls were tired out and wanting to be done with it. i was tired too as i had to hold rhys for most of it. and take pictures too, of course.

rhys waits for renebean's bus to arrive. what's that? who made that amazing and wonderful jacket? why, none other than Lydia the Amazing! she made it for HER baby boy when he was a wee bairn. then, when we visited her this past june, she gave rhys this one and a few others!!! we are very very lucky!
here it is from the back. SO amazingly fabulous!
Camille and Irene making sure they stick's THIS for a halloween sheep???
here are the 4 girls in the corn maze.

we got back from the pumpkin patch and had to zoom home (we being rhys & I) so that i could finish up the things i needed for brownies. our brownie meeting went pretty well. i didn't have enough planned for them to do. they are FAST with EVERYTHING. yeesh. so i need to work on that. perhaps if i have twice as much stuff as i'd think they can do, we'll have enough for them to do w/o any "OH CARP! WHAT NOW?"

zoomed home after brownies and got myself a little something to eat before i had to zoom to another girl scout meeting -- this one was the service unit meeting. it was over around 8ish. came home and was very tired and a bit overwhelmed!

thursday found rhys & i on our way to borders for TEACHER DISCOUNT DAYS! we got a few things for beanie that will be a surprise for her b-day or christmas. i got some other fun stuff as well. i love going to book stores. i love looking for children's books. it's a gift for me as well as them as i'm one of the folks that often reads the books. over and over again. and again. *smile* it also just so happened that we were there for the 1/monthly story time at borders. they used to do it weekly. we didn't get to go all the time b/c it's in reno and we can't always get there in time from school (we're a good 1/2 hour or so from most every place outside of sparks). the new story time reader is really great. they had a few that were okay, but not stellar. this woman (donna) is very animated in her reading. we like that more than deadpan readings. after a bit, we headed back to school for my volunteer day.

friday was a 1/2 day for irene. we came home and made some witches, then went back to borders b/c it was reception/raffle sign up etc time for teachers from 5 - 8. mom met us there and then a bit later, we met rob at On the Border for dinner. it was yummy. rob then took the kids back home w/him and mom and i went back to borders to wander and look. it was lovely.

saturday found us at gymnastics in the a.m. and then to the pumpkin party the D.R. Horton was putting on for our development. but it was really less than fabulous this year b/c our development has only a few houses left. so, we walked to the next D.R. Horton development a few blocks away. it was much more happening there. the kids had fun. that was what mattered.
hmm - i'll try and post the pix again tomorrow. blogger is being less than helpful with them right now...after that fun, the kids made cookies w/nana. they had a fabulous time and we have amazingly delicious cookies...well, there are two left. we did share a few of them...

sunday was the Meridian Gold Run For Education. it was fun. irene ran probably at least 1 mile even though it was a 1/2 mile run - she ran back and forth and zig zagged. rhys ran on rob's shoulders until the last quarter mile, then he and i ran together while rob and irene finished the race together. it was all good and fun until the crazy speakers by the bounce houses were on full tilt. it was so unbelievably loud. it was for the BMX thingy that was happening after the run. they apparently believed that it was really smart to have the speakers by where the littlest kids were rather than over by where the BMX stuff was happening. :( we left b/c it was so loud. i'm sorry, but holy moly! having 125 decibels of screaming "DAN WEED IS HERE!! WOOHOO!!! LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR HIM!!!!" did me in. it also did in the kids and rob. so, we went to mom and ken's to wait for a guy to show up and buy some tires. he never showed up. how rude is that?? it was pretty darned rude, that's how rude.

it's 1/2 days all week for irene - conferences are happening. i need to get back to borders this week b/c **trumpets and fanfare commence** i WON something at the raffle. no idea what it is yet. but yea me! :) irene's conference is tomorrow. rob's getting off work early for it. yea rob!

and so, you are now caught up. and again, i'll try for pix again tomorrow.


Deb R said...

I'm glad you posted. I knew you were ok because I'd seen you post to a certain email list, but I missed your blog entries! :-)

Love the photos of the kids and the trees and that sheep looks freakin' psychotic. :-D

:-D eirdre said...

Hey - some of us are really busy and struggling to keep up our blogs! I've been busy too, working working, that kind of thing, but... blogrolling seems to have flipped out and isn't always telling us when there are new blogs - THOSE BASTARDS!

Your time seems packed solid, but that is the job of a mom - especially a mom with more than 1 child. The scouts are lucky to have you! Glad you got a few photos in the post - its nice to see how you illustrate your blog!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you posted. I know it is hard to do with how much you have been up to. Jeez! I try to post everyday except the weekend. I have however posted a few times on the weekend.

Sounds like your week was busy but also lovely. Rhys is so adoreable. You are making me want to be a mom. See how much influence you have?

KaraMia said...

good lord, I can barely keep up with Kendells flag football games and practice and his schoolwork...
you sound like my (psst, that's a good thing, she could do alot)

Jennie said...

Lovely fall post! Great pictures...but Kristin, the sheep is from hell, I'm sorry. =O

kristen said...

deb - thanks so much. and yeah - isn't that the craziest halloweeniest looking sheep ever? there were two of those! from the side it looked like there were only 3 horns (like that's normal - heh heh)

deirdre - thanks :) and i have to figure out that whole blogrolling thing...i often go to your blog and debR's to see what's new and happenin'. and yeah, part of being a parent is being pretty busy. and i'm glad you like my blogistration (like that word?)

carrie - thanks again for the kick in the rear. thanks for the compliment on rhys - he is a pretty cute little guy, i gotta say :). oh my! that IS a lot of influence!! being a mom is fun. and then there are those times that i think - holy carp! this is NOT what i signed UP for on this mom contract. it must've been in the teeny tiny illegible print! *smile*

kara - heh heh. every week isn't quite this crazed. and thank you much for the compliment.

jennie - thanks *beam* the sheep -- i know! it's just crazy, huh?