Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday!!

yes, i'm backdating. I've been out of town but the 27th was rhys' birthday. I had this photomontage all ready to go but didn't have time to put it up. 4 is a harder rob sent a few things to add to this - on the paper that i printed out, i wrote We Must Dance Some More, Rhys has Turned FOUR!

we spend his birthday in La Jolla at the beach. I will add pictures from that once i find my connector so we can download the pictures. It was wonderful and thanks to the super sunscreen (we have UV Naturals) that my girlfriend sent to me while we were down there, Rhys and I didn't get burned! unfortunately, i JUST missed catching Irene at the right time for the reapplication and she got a wee bit burned, but NOTHING like what usually happens to me and Rhys. THANK YOU, JULIE for sending it to us. Julie's son, Andrew, also turned 4 on the 27th! Andrew was born at almost exactly the same time as Rhys, just on the opposite coast!! Rhys also shares his special day with our nephew Jake who turned FOURTEEN!!!!! holy moly!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!!!

anyway, i'd forgotten just how much fun it is to go to the ocean in southern california and have real waves that are WARM! it was huge fun and one of my cousin's friends met us there. she had a ton of boogie boards so all the kids got to use them as well.

when we first got there, rhys said "all these people are here for my birthday and will say happy birthday to me. I invited them all." a bit later he was very sad and said "i guess we won't have a party here at the beach after all." oh the sadness! so when everyone came for a bit of a break, we opened presents and i explained that the cake would happen at our campsite. he was SO SO "concited" (that's excited for those of you that don't know). i was so sorry rob wasn't with us because it would have been even that much better.

the kiddos are starting the bathtub so that Rhys can play with his amazing new pirate ship from Papa and Gramma in the water!!! I gotta go see *beam*


Shaz said...

Happy Birthday Reece

He is just gorgeous

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Rhys!

You are just a world traveler aren't you!

Anonymous said...

I love this collages!!


Corky said...

Aw, he's just too cute. Don't blink or he'll be grown before you know it!

kristen said...

shaz - thanks so much *beam*

carrie - thanks!! we do travel a lot - i'd love to do more world traveling. i'd especially love to do it with the kids!

annalisa - thank you so much. i really enjoy doing them. sometimes it takes me a lot of time with trying to figure out which pictures i want. hard to pick such a small amount. irene is hoping to have one for this next year, so i need to work on that.

corky - thanks! and it's just scary how quickly it all goes!!