Friday, July 04, 2008

Safely in Flower Mound, Texas

it was a long drive yesterday. just a little hint, should you find yourself driving in Texas. actually 2. 1) what is the "fast lane" to me, is the "passing lane" here. don't use it as a fast lane and hang out there. i didn't, i'd learned that before getting into texas. 2) if you see a police car or any emergency vehicle pulling someone over, YOU MUST MOVE TO THE PASSING LANE or SLOW DOWN 20 MILES BELOW THE POSTED LIMIT. i got a ticket for that! argh!!! put a big damper on the drive b/c i thought i was doing everything right. i was only a few miles above the posted limit (when i passed the cop, he was IN HIS CAR not outside of his car and i HAD SLOWED DOWN - just not 20 miles below the posted 80 miles). i had no idea that was a law. :(

so now you all know that!!

happy fourth of July!!!

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Crunchy Mom said...

ACK! Now I know I should send away for a copy of the driver's manual for all states near me... what a bust of a day to get such a ticket!!

Hope you're having fun ANYWAY!