Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mama's Herbal Soaps!!

I cannot say enough about Shauna's soaps - Shauna is the Mama of Mama's Herbal Soaps. I have ordered from her 3 or 4 times now and have been overjoyed by her products each time. I have bought gifts for friends and family and they have told me how much they enjoyed the both the products themselves and the obvious pride, joy, love, and wonderful things that go into her soaps.

Her Baby Butterfly products were such a find for me. Rhys has this crazy sensitive skin that tends to get extra dry. When I use Shauna's Baby Butterfly Soap, his skin is less dry and he smells SO good! The Butterfly Balm is about the only thing that Rhys lets me put on his various owies or when his skin gets dry and cracked. It generally doesn't take much of the balm at all and the skin is happier and healthier. I have gotten the 4 oz jar and it lasts for quite a while. It's soothing and made with lovely ingredients.

With this last order, I decided to get a soy candle - oh my DOG!! i got the citrus bliss. It's divine. Such a nice smell - NOT overwhelming as some candles can be. I also got a shaving mug and soap as a gift. I had a hard time figuring out what kind of mug to get and finally asked Shauna if she'd pick out which one. She did and it's perfect! I can't wait to give it (the birthday isn't for a bit yet).

The LIP balm! OH WOW! I have incredibly dry lips in this crazy dry high desert and so I decided to get some of the lip balm as well. I got Vanilla Latte and Citrus Bliss. It feels good and is incredibly soothing.

Shauna's customer service is SO good. It is worth the wait when she is out of some products (it takes a while for soaps to cure - and when they run out of one, it takes a little bit of a wait before the next batch is ready).

Yes, the soaps are more expensive than the run of the mill soaps you get at grocery stores - but they last a long time and are made with organic products and nothing that you wouldn't want to have on your body. When you get the hemp soap saver bag, the soaps last even longer. I was truly amazed at how long my sphere soap lasted (and yes, I DO use the soap all over - not just a teeny weeny bit! *smile*)

Shauna and her family have put a lot of thought and love into their business. They work hard to be good to the environment and to those around them. I am happy to support her business whenever I can. It's part of the big circle of life - do good things in your own life and it spreads out - like ripples. I like that. I hope you will check out her site and see the things she has to offer.


Shephard said...

Hi Kristen!

I love Soy Candles. :)

Thank you for dropping by, and for your very sweet comment. Crossing fingers!


Crunchy Mom said...

Another fan of Shauna's here -- LOVE LOVE LOVE her Patchouli Passion soap!!


Jaye said...

I haven't tried her stuff, but thanks for the tip. I will. Great for gifts and *I* love nice soaps.