Friday, September 19, 2008

Will you be in New York City this weekend?

If you will be, I highly encourage you to go the following play:

We are *extremely* excited to remind you that our very first production - an evening of six one-acts presented under the title *Questionable Content* - opens TONIGHT, September 18, 2008!!! The show runs each night at *7 p.m.* from *September 18 - 21st (Thursday thru Sunday)*, with additional *2 p.m. matinees* on *September 20 & 21 (Saturday & Sunday)*. It all happens at *EndTimes Underground at the Gene Frankel Theatre*, 24 Bond Street in Manhattan!

The shows:

*Absolutes* by Craig Abernethy

*Building a Better Mousetrap* by Scott McMorrow

*There Is No Dash* by R. Harrington

*Hijab* by Catherine Rush

*Urashima Taro* by Francesca Sanders

*Been Laden With Terrorette's Syndrome* by Wayne K.Greenwell

Tickets are available in advance at the EndTimes website (,or at the door.

We hope to see you there - be sure to say hello!

Did you see that lovely bolded play? Did you note that it was by Scott McMorrow? For those of you who read here on occasion, you may remember that Scott was a finalist for his 1 minute play _Calling Long Distance_ when I wrote about it here. Not only was he a finalist, he won!

_Building a Better Mousetrap_ is about 10 minutes long and will be well worth attending.

So - all of you visiting (this weekend) or living in New York, do go and check out Questionable Content!!

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You so totally rock!