Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rhys and Irene's Stunning Wedding Outfits or...THANK YOU LYDIA AND MOM!

Months ago, I asked my dear dear friend Lydia if she'd be willing to make patchwork pants and maybe a matching vest for Rhys to wear in Matt & Michelle's wedding (my baby brother and his fianceƩ). She was glorious and agreed to do this very big deal thing. It took me a LONG time to figure out what fabric I wanted her to use. I believe I mailed the fabric to her in -- um -- September (bad bad friend!). Lydia was doing a bisquillion things (Books Arts Bash, canvassing neighborhoods, taking Benny and Sadie to violin, karate, and other wonderful places, on top of homeschooling and gearing up to NANOWRIMO). And yet, she made this amazing outfit for Rhys. And it arrived today. And it fits (which I knew it would b/c Lydia is that incredibly awesome). and Rhys LOVES it (though this picture doesn't really show you how much he likes it)!!

Rhys has also had a haircut which enhances his handsomeosity :)

I love all the little details - there is a fun embroidery design on various parts, it has pockets on the vest as well as on the pants. The lining is a fabulous color so the pants can be happily cuffed. Matt and Michelle are both totally thrilled with it :)

Mom is almost finished with Irene's dress - it is equally stunning - MAN are my kids gorgie or what?? especially in these outfits! Do you see the bodice of Irene's dress? These are just quick pictures, so you might not be able to tell, but the bodice is panne velvet and is crazy quilted. It's got feather stitching with gold thread and beautiful beading. The skirt is a circle skirt and twirls like every girl (old or young or somewhere in between) wants a dress to twirl. It should be totally finished tomorrow.

See? The bottom of the skirt is also with crazy patched panne velvet. BEAUTIFUL! Rob and I are going to pale in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it fabulous that they appreciate your skills?

Anonymous said...

What a HANDSOME Young MAN!

:-D eirdre

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Lydia Netzer said...

Oh my goodness. The dress is killing me. I can't breathe. It's too good. Completely gorgeous. *CLAPS* to your mom.

Laume said...

I am totally sitting here with my jaw somewhere down near my boobs. Blown away. Those outfits are so beyond wonderful. Triple kudos to both Lydia and Susan. And I so want that dress myself! Is the fabric in the skirt a pattern or did she crazy patch the entire thing!?