Sunday, December 07, 2008

Worst Christmas Song Ever

I've read a few posts recently about that awful Christmas Shoes song - you know the one, it's the one about the boy who goes to the shoe store b/c his mama is dying and she wants to get him shoes but doesn't have enough money - you know the one. One of the commenters on one of the blogs (A is for Aardvark - a new to me blog) hit it exactly right for me - the song cheats. it's a cheater song. it's just out to make you cry. and it manipulates you and is just horrible. I like Joshilyn's new take on the song.

A close second for me is actually on one of my very favorite Christmas albums - John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas. It's called Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas. I've deleted it from my iPod and from our itunes too, I believe. I liked it as a kid, but never listened to the words - and, of course, it was on an LP back then, so you couldn't just easily skip it. It's just a sad song with an upbeat rhythm.

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