Tuesday, May 12, 2009

overwhelm? anxious?

I don't know how to explain it (and we'll just pass over the elephant in the room - you know, the one where people wonder why i haven't been updating this with any kind of regularity), but every once in a while, I just feel anxious and overwhelmed. Like I'm forgetting something of vital importance.

Part of this could be that I'm meeting with the principal today. Part of it could be that I'm frustrated with some girl scout stuff having to do with my troop. I also have financials due soon and i'd give my right arm for a treasurer. I don't enjoy using other people's money and making sure that I know where it all goes/went and being accountable for it.

The school stuff is frustrating. Irene and Rhys have been retracked. I didn't want them retracked. I was happy knowing our schedule. It's now changed. The only good part of it is that Rhys might have Irene's first grade teacher. That's really all that will make it okay. I need to think of what to say to the principal. I feel like I help the school quite a bit in the ways I am able. I volunteer in the classrooms, I can sub almost always at a moment's notice (since both kids go there, it's easier than when I have to go to a different school), I volunteer for PTO things, I do my best to be supportive of the teachers. And, because I don't LIKE being the squeaky wheel, I feel like my kids got ewed-scray.

I'm trying to keep it together and just don't like this fast heartbeat slightly queasy feeling.


Lydia Netzer said...

I'm sorry you're feeling that way! You're doing a great job and you're a fantastic mom! I wish I could help!

Jennie said...

I know that anxious feeling! Sometimes life with kids is harder than we'd ever expected, I mean, we love them so much sometimes it is painful. I hope your talk with the principal went well.

the word verification for this comment is "wringly" ... sounds like an appropriate word. ;)

Jaye said...

Lydia is right. You are fantastic and doing a fantastic job with your kids. I think you need just a teeny tiny amount of me time. Can you spend a few minutes stitching? I know it is my answer to everything, but it is very meditative.

Alternatively, you can set up an address to which you can email your posts to this blog - a great Blogger feature!