Friday, March 02, 2012

Eek! It's been more than a month!? and check out Kaylie!

It's true - more than a month has passed since I last posted. Sorry about that. Many things have happened...I've been working a lot which makes walking as much a little more difficult, but I try to make it happen as much as possible. We had Rhys' Blue and Gold Banquet and Rhys earned his Bear award (eek! next stop is Webelos!), then came World Thinking Day 2012 which was a huge success - a lot of this is because I had a great committee working with me - Carrie, Peggy, and Tonya. It's one of my favorite events that we put on as a Service Unit. Then came delivering Girl Scout cookies, and tonight, it was our first Cookie Booth of the season. YEA! So that's where I've been - work, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, being a mom, being a wife, walking, etc.

On another note, one of my Girl Scouts (okay, she moved, so she's not officially in my troop anymore, but I still think of her as in our troop), has worked incredibly hard to earn money to get both herself and her mother to the 100th Anniversary Rock the Mall. She has entered the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall contest and this is where you can come in - she needs lots of people to watch her videos as many times as possible. She has "They Say" and "Kaylie Rocks the Mall" and I am incredibly proud of her for what she's done. I especially love the lyrics that she wrote. Here are the words to "Kaylie Rocks the Mall"

Girl Scouts, Let's Rock The Mall!
Girl Scouts, Right Now
Earning Badges, doing journeys
Working on our awards now
Earning Money selling cookies
learning how to reach our goals
Girl Scouts Let's Rock that Mall!
Volunteer now, that's what it's about
Brighten up a sick child's day now
Plant some flowers, clean up a park!
on this big blue earth now
Girl Scouts, let's rock the mall
Girl Scouts, Right Now
Let's turn this blue planet green
Keep our rivers clean 
Recycle Christmas Trees
Let's Reduce, Let's Reuse, Recycle
Girl Scouts, Let's Rock the Mall!
Girl Scouts, helping people everywhere
Girl Scouts, a sister to every girl
Changing Lives around the world
Girl Scouts!
The lyrics make me smile. There are so many things that she did with our troop, and now she's doing great things with her new troop. Kaylie really is an amazing Girl Scout. So -- please go and view her youtube videos.

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