Thursday, April 19, 2012

two steps forward one step back

Actually, it's been more than two steps, but when you get the backtracking steps, it feels farther. Not entirely sure what is going on, but anxiety has reared its ugly head again. Trying hard to beat it down. The usual things aren't working so well, so trying some other things as well.

What's totally bizarre is that I'm really excited about the upcoming trip. Perhaps it is that I'm driving a long distance and haven't done that now since before surgery. I think the last time I did this drive was in June of last year. That could be it. It will get better again soon, but the waiting for the better just pretty much blows.


Lydia Netzer said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bad again. You are so strong. You will figure this out. Much love.

Kristen said...

Thank you, Lovely Lydia. It comes and goes. I had an amazingly good time on our trip, was glad when the anxiety calmed down. I'll be happy when it decides to stay gone for longer and longer periods of time. I need to try to remember all the ways I can help myself to NOT get anxious. Unfortunately, being a parent and sleeping well or taking time out to do some meditation of sorts is sometimes difficult to do. *wan smile*