Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh my! one year older!

how did that happen? i'm now 37. i don't feel anywhere NEAR 37. but there it is.

i got fabulous and fun presents from friends and family. something very cool was a gift box with food from spain - like some fideo, chocolate amarga (bitter) to make hot chocolate, and tota azucarada - flat bread with olive oil, anise, and sugar on top. it was the coolest surprise :) i also got this:tee hee hee! sometimes i use *beam* a lot in e-mails and here...:) i also got some gift certificates and some beautiful freesia (i need to find out if i can plant them outside or not - i could in california, but it didn't freeze to the extent it does here). rob made me baked brie on bread and chips and salsa last night b/c i have a meeting from 6:30 - 8 and rob has a softball game.

today is also my cousin Jed's birthday. he's on his honeymoon right now :) he and i share our great grandmother's birthday. another cool thing that is happening today? it is my sister-in-law's 25th wedding anniversary!


tomorrow i will hopefully post about taking the kids (plus one) to the fire station. it was supposed to be a big field trip w/my brownies, but we didn't have enough drivers :( but, still, it was good and when i get back from subbing, i'll try to blog about it :)


Anonymous said...




Deb R said... are a dewy infant! :-)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

kristen said...

anna - fanx ever so!

deb - giggle!! dewy? tee hee hee! thank you kindly :D