Sunday, September 02, 2007

4-27-07 A Rhysie Story

Once Upon a Time, there was a rabbit that went camping. it had to go towards the rock and all around. there was not anything else. sometimes they went hunting – then what happened next? let’s wait and see...on the way they met a lizard. then they runned. then what happened, there was a frog. then what they did, they went on a walk. then what happened, there was a.....snake. then they went on a new thing. it was new walk. they saw a bomb. they picked it up. they throwed it at a rock and made the rock go into lots of pieces. it was a short cut. and then what happened was they met a frog. a BIG frog. then what happened, they goed on somefing else. then they saw some flies. then what happened, one became over there. they were trying to get the flies. so, they decided to do that. so all the guys ran. and then what happend is I need some more stickers. they saw some feathers.TWO feathers. then, when they got home, they had a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! and then what happened, they gotted a starfish. in that time, they didn’t see anything at all. but then they saw some balloons floating up. and then, THE END.

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