Monday, January 28, 2008

headaches and words

i have a headache. ick. i've been getting more of them lately and i don't like it. the end.

and words...periodically, jaye reminds me to add words to my pictures. i totally know what she means and i have said the same thing in my head to other friends who have picture blogs - TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE, i say. but sometimes it's just having time to get the picture up and not having time to tell you all about the various things that are happening in the pictures.

the picture below is of rhys' painting. he told me he was making it for me. when rob got home, he told rob it was instead for him to take to work so that he would be able to remember rhys while he was at work. i guess that means i have to give it up. dadgum.

i've been scanning and scanning pictures - i think i'm pretty much done - and attempting to approximate dates on the pictures in an effort to help rob out with the photo montage dvd that rob is going to make for his mom's memorial service in a few weeks. it's such a weird thing. i can go along scanning and not really focusing on stuff, then, suddenly, WHAM! i realize that Pat isn't going to be with us and in the pictures anymore. it's a sucky realization.

i am taking the nevada constitution test on thursday. i need to call sylvan so that i can take the PRAXIS on saturday. i can't begin to tell you how badly i have done on multiple choice tests in the past. to say i have sucked is really an understatement. so, i'm freaking out about it. studying for each one and just hoping i pass. the PRAXIS is a test that is similar to the CBEST except i think there may be fewer sections and you have to pass the whole damned thing in one go, whereas w/the CBEST, you can retake sections that you don't joy.

the headache isn't getting any better...i'm off to pop some advil.

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