Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

after finding out that THIS year the fireworks weren't going to start until 9:45 (which meant it would probably be more like 10:00), and taking into account how busy the kids have been for the past several weeks, and how tired they were likely to be, rob and i decided that the better part of valor would be to do our OWN fireworks show at home - nope, not with sparklers or with piccolo petes, but rather, with the glow-y necklaces and bracelets that can be put together in several ways.

also, the fairies heard our revised plans and they snuck into the house and got the glow in the dark stones i'd bought and put them outside on our patio table!! sneaky fairies!!

this is clickable so you can actually see the pix a bit better


Carrie said...

You guys are the greatest parents eva!

Laume said...

Those glowy stick photos are the coolest thing ever!!!! And where can I get glow in the dark stones?!

kristen said...

carrie - aww shucks! thanks :) we felt badly that we didn't see actual fireworks, but this was really fun.

laume - thank you! the glow in the dark stones were on super sale at hearthsong - i got 2 packs. the fairies always find my cool stuff! *beam*

Deirdre said...

WOW - your fireworks are much better than the ones in the sky and I bet they don't scare the neighborhood dogs and cats at all - well maybe the cats get a little scared!

:-D eirdre