Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

I turned on Newshour (I was going to write McNeil/Lehrer...) and i blew a raspberry when they talked about the passage of Prop 8.  Irene asked why I did that - so I explained. 
I: That's silly!  If people love each other, they love each other.  It doesn't matter if they are two boys or two girls.  
me: you're right, love.
I: What does that mean for the people that are already married?  Does this make it harder again?
me: yes.  I think so.


Laume said...

Did you catch Olbermann's Special Comment on Prop 8 tonight? I thought he looked a little choked up delivering it. I'm thrilled with all the protests not only in CA but all over! Are there any planned in Reno? Maybe you could take the kids.

JulieZS said...

Yeah, d'oh! I hope that this gets resolved quickly in the courts.