Sunday, December 06, 2009

GUESS Homeschool Science Fair!

Firstly, I apologize for neglecting my poor blog and my fabulous follower (::waves to Jennie::). Recently, Lydia and her homeschool crew had their GUESS Homeschool Science Fair. Every time Lydia does these things it makes me deeply want two things -- first and foremost, it makes me want to move right next door to her house and 2nd, because I'd be living right next door and because she's funny, smart, and fabulous, and because she has lots of homeschooling friends who are much the same, it makes me want to homeschool mine! I'm sure I could add something to the mix..

The Homeschool Science Fair could probably happen without sponsors, but I don't know where everything would fit. I don't think as many people would be able to participate, and so, without further ado, I would like to say a big and giant thank you to the following homeschool-friendly businesses for supporting the GUESS Homeschool Science Fair and the young scientists of Hampton Roads!

Green Olive Tree is an internet company based in Portsmouth, Virginia and owned and operated by a homeschooling family. They offer a broad range of internet services, from reliable web hosting to corporate infrastructure solutions and server administration.

SKS Science supplies homeschoolers and other educators with all the science supplies you need to turn your dining room table into a proper laboratory. Browse their site for test tubes, bottles, face masks and other lab supplies and books.

Book Exchange is the largest used bookstore in Eastern Virginia. Unlike most musty and confusing used stores, this one is clean, bright, inviting, and has a huge selection of used homeschool books. There's always an interesting curriculum find on these shelves! Please click on the link and just LOOK at this amazing book store! I think I could just live there happily with the comfy couches and the books.

Folkmanis Puppets makes the most delightful animal puppets available outside Santa's workshop. Meet their most unusual creations like llamas, Chinese dragons, ostriches, flying squirrels. Unusual materials create realistic textures, and they all move in very realistic ways. Irresistible. We have several of the Folkmanis Puppets and have never been disappointed by them. They have so much expression even before you put your own magic into them.

The Happy Scientist, Robert Krampf, hosts an online wonderland for budding scientists. With online science lessons, experiments to try at home, a science photo of the day, and new content added all the time, you'll love setting your kids loose on this site.

Mad Science is Hampton Roads' premier provider of science enrichment classes for children. Summer classes include "Crazy Chemistry" and a space camp developed with NASA! New homeschool science classes are being offered in Norfolk and VA Beach, with more planned for fall. Have you seen these scientists in action? Rhys and Irene went to Mad Science camp here in Sparks and they LOVED it! They had so much fun and were soon telling me all about thrust and gravity and rockets. They really share the joy of science with kids.

Moore Expressions is a homeschool bookstore in Virginia Beach, VA. They sell used and new homeschooling curriculum, host a support group, and publish a newsletter called the Bayith Educator. They are the premier source for homeschooling books in the Hampton Roads area.

Norfolk Karate Academy offers classes in Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) and Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian grappling and self-defense). With classes for children, teens, and adults, it's a great way for anyone to get in shape and kick things in a socially acceptable way!

Brooks Systems offers standalone software and web applications that check legal compliance in all municipalities in all fifty states, and create truth-in-lending documents for residential lenders. Using Brooks for your automated mortgage compliance, you can be sure your loans are safe.

Virginia Air and Space Center was host to the homeschool science fair this year, and delivered awesome science classes for homeschoolers from their education department. The VASC is the educator resource center for the NASA Langley Research Center. I find it so wonderful that VASC was the host for the science fair! Can you imagine? They are truly putting our future first by showing how much they value these young scientists!

Mad props to all of the sponsors and all of the children who participated in this fabulous events and the homeschooling parents who really made it happen!

You can check out pictures and winners right here.

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