Thursday, December 31, 2009


When we told the kids, at the last rest stop before home, that Cleo had died, they both sobbed. The first thing Rhys did, when he could talk, was ask me for his wish list because he needed to add something to it. He quickly wrote "new cat pleas." When we got home, we all cried some more. There really is nothing quite so heartbreaking as having your children being so sad. Irene and Rhys both asked Santa to bring an orange tabby for Christmas. Santa wrote to them saying that he couldn't do that, but that he was letting the fairies and elves know that we were looking for a kitty. We have found that the best kitties are the ones who find their people.

On Christmas Eve, one of the books that Irene chose for us to read was The Christmas Cat by Efner Tudor Holmes & illustrated by Tasha Tudor about a cat who is caught in a snowstorm and found by a family and brought home.

Yesterday, Rob saw this post on The RGJ (our local newspaper) online:
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klm1717 wrote:
That's awesome about Ollie and Lala-I was referred to Dr. Tom a few years ago when I adopted a cat from Wylie Animal Rescue-he does a lot of charity work, as I understand it. As I'm in school & considering going into the veterinary field myself, he allowed me to come in & observe one morning. He took great care of my (now) oldest cat when he was having issues (turned out to be a bladder infection)-great follow up! & bent over backwards to try to find out what was wrong w/my shepard mix when he was sick. I've never seen a vet who really cares as much (& I've seen a LOT of vets!) They're great people!
12/30/2009 10:17 PM PST
SparksRob wrote:
We picked up Lala from Alpine Veterinary Hospital this afternoon and brought her home. Thank you so much to Kristina and Dr. Tom!

Our 15 year old female tabby (Cleo) passed away just before Christmas while we were in Disneyland. Our kids (6 and 10) were devastated. Talk about going from a big high to a deep low! We vowed that our next cat would be an orange tabby (preferably a kitten!) and that one way or another, IT would find US. Orange tabbys have a wonderful personality; like no other cats I've ever owned. We saw this story in the RGJ yesterday and we immediately contacted the folks at Alpine. After meeting Lala we were smitten and, like we knew would happen, SHE found US!

She is hiding away in our house, getting adjusted to her new surroundings. The name we're thinking of giving her is Junebug (after Mama Junebug Jones from the Skippyjon Jones children's books). Our house is a happy one this New Year's Eve!
12/31/2009 1:22 PM PST

I quickly sent an e-mail to the vet's office.

We went to meet her this morning. She is a love and while she was really nervous (her tail shaking), she went right up to both Rhys and Irene and sniffed their faces and started to calm down. The vet tech, Kristina, said there was someone else who wanted to meet her, but that she was pretty sure that we were The Family for this kitty. I wish you could have seen the joy on Irene and Rhys' faces. Rhys went with Rob back to work, Irene and I went to get kitten supplies. Rob called soon after to say he was on his way home with our kitten. She's about 6 months old.

This was the update on the RGJ site:

Yesterday, there was a blog post about an orange tabby named Lala who was found unconscious and half-buried during a recent Reno snowstorm. She was taken to Alpine Veterinary Hospital on South Virginia, who had been caring for her and socializing her and seeking a forever home. A number of inquiries resulted, including this email sent to Alpine from Kristen in Spanish Springs:
I'm sure by now (when I'm first seeing this story) you've gotten a number of offers to adopt Lala. I would like to put our name in the ring as well. On Friday the 18th, our beloved Cleo died at age 15. It left an enormous hole in our family. Our two children both asked Santa for a new cat. He let them know that he's put it out to the fairies and the elves that we are in search of an orange tabby kitty. On Christmas Eve, we read a story called The Christmas Cat which is about a cat that is lost in the snow and found by a wonderful family. Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there.
Lala (in the middle of the photo, taken at Alpine) will be joining Kristen's family. Here's hoping it works out! Thanks to all who wanted to help.

She had hidden herself really well after we got here. I just found her in the kids' bathroom in between the shower curtains. She is now downstairs looking at everything, keeping low to the ground. We are trying out the name Junebug after Mama Junebug Jones in the Skippyjon Jones books (we really love Judy Schachner's books). A few other names - also from that book - are Jillyboo and Jujubee.

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Jennie said...

What a great story and outcome for all of you! I was just writing a note about how blessings are found in the middle of grief (the story of 2009 for me!)