Monday, January 09, 2012

A goal or two

In the past 4 - 5 months, I've lost close to 30 pounds. Some of this was because of not feeling hungry/feeling nauseous/worrying. Some of it has been from paying more attention to what I'm eating, some of it was from surgery and being in the hospital for 4 days and not getting to eat for most of that time. But, I've been *out* of the hospital now for 8 weeks. And in that time, I lost 5 pounds(ish). So...
One of my goals is to average 5 walks per week. I'd like them to be at least 30 minutes long. Last week I walked 10 miles and did indeed walk 5 days and 6 walks.

Now I just need to keep it up. Because of the weather, it's been easier to do - no snow/no ice. I'm sure that at some point, the snow will come pouring down and it will be trickier, but it's a goal. I will do my best to achieve it.

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sleeplessinsparks said...

That is amazing! Keep up the good work, Friend! I feel motivated just reading your blog today. :)