Saturday, January 07, 2012


So - I decided I needed to have some outside help. I found a therapist. She was able to see me right away on the 26th. I've seen her 3 times and it has helped tremendously. I am still dealing a bit with the anxiety - it really is more anxiety than panic. I've had true panic attacks, but didn't really realize the difference until talking to Dr. C-H. When Rhys was lost at Hendy Woods, what I had *then* was a panic attack (breathing too fast, feeling like something was pressing down on my chest, feeling like I had tunnel vision). Panic attacks are relatively fast. This that I was dealing with seemed to go on for a long time.

I've been listening to some relaxation tapes (is it still called a tape if it is on my iPhone?), reading a book called The Anxiety Cure, and working on different techniques to keep the anxiety at bay. Right now, I seem to be winning.

The Bloggess recently posted about anxiety/panic/self-harm. It is an amazing post that I highly recommend. A few days later she posted this - another good one.

So - school starts back for the kids on Monday. I will miss them. It's been nice to have them home during their track off time - even if I was down and moving slowly for a good chunk of it. Rhys and I have gone on some lovely fun walks together - he's 8 1/2 now and needs opportunities to just talk, so the walks give us about 1/2 hour of talking time (well, talking for him, listening for me).

And now, I need to leave. The Cookie Rally is today - that's right, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME IS UPON US!!! Beginning tomorrow, let me know if you have any cookie needs - Irene will be happy to supply them if you don't have any Girl Scouts in your neck of the woods.

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