Tuesday, September 12, 2006

dude - 36?!?! and brownies

yup. today is 9/12. that means i turned 36 today. how can that be? how can i be 36 when i still feel like i'm the 22 year old who celebrated her birthday at friar tucks in cotati w/rob and one of her best friends teaching everyone when they were supposed to pound the bar as the fabulous irish singer was singing all the songs i knew? yeah. i don't know. would i change anything and go back? of course not b/c that would mean that i'd not be married, i'd not have my amazing kids, i'd not have lived the life i've lived.

today is also my cousin, jed's, birthday. it was also my great grandmother Irene's birthday. my gramma and great aunt were both thrilled to each have a grandchild born on her birthday. she died long before i was born, but i feel her presence - especially when the romig women are together. yes, i named my irene after her.

anyway -- this morning started with wonderful cards made by irene and rhys. irene included with her card a story book. it's very sweet and precious and dear. rob gave me a wonderful card too. i always love his cards. he writes well, that husband of mine. irene forgot her backpack, so after dropping her off and meeting a friend for a quick cup of coffee (starbucks has their pumpkin spice latte back! OH MY DAWG i love those yummy drinks!!), i went back home, grabbed her bag, went back to school and finally got back home where i then had the run around HOLY MOLY ARTICHOLY I HAVE A BROWNIE MEETING TODAY! time. i had some things i needed to get done. a few craft ideas, a newsletter, a wishlist (i'm probably missing several things on the wishlist), the note that showed all the necessary items for the brownies...oh my. with rob's help (yea for e-mail) i was able to make a prettier version of the girl scout promis on the girl scout badge.

i was worried i'd forget one of the really important things...happily i remembered them. what did i forget? argle begargle....i forgot the CAMERA!!! carpe carp! but the meeting went pretty well. we have 10 girls and there are a few others that might join. so hopefully we'll have 10 or 12. hopefully i'll have some parents that are able to come on a regular basis. i am officially the leader and i have an assistant leader. i'm pretty excited and hope i can continue to think of fun things and learn more songs. irene was bubbling along she was so excited that she was starting brownies today *HOORAY!*

so, after brownies, we headed to black rock where we met rob, my mom and ken for yummy salad and delicious pizza, then had Italian Wedding Cake for dessert. i got to eat most of the frosting (i did share w/irene) and rhys got most of the cake part (he shared with irene too).

I got a lot of wonderful e-cards and fun calls from friends and family. it was good. but i'm sorry there are no pictures.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Happy Birthday!

Day late, dollar short, but sent with all the right thoughts in place, lol.

Hope your day and your upcoming year are JUST THE BEST!

Janet said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! I'm glad you had a great day :-)

KaraMia said...

Happy Birthday!!
I love it that your a Brownie leader. I was a Brownie once upon a time. Would have loved it if my mom would have been the leader. She became the leader when I was a JR and then I had to stay to become a Senior even when I wanted to quit because SHE was having too much fun...lol.

Jennie said...

It's also the great Jesse Owens' birthday. He's one of my heros - I met him once when I participated in the Jesse Owens' Games in LA. Must be a great day for great people to have a birthday! ;) Hope it's happy,Kristin.

Carrie said...

Everytime I read that word "brownie", I keep thinking food. Sounds like you had one heck. When they are brownies, do they get to go on camping trips? I can't remember.