Friday, September 08, 2006

my insanity and book meme

this is what i know. when you don't blog for a bit, it's hard to re-start on the blog thing. i meant to tell you about losing my mind. was going to be a big post, but it's not now. the reason i've lost my mind is b/c i've volunteered myself to be the co-leader for irene's brownie troop. the kicker? there IS no other co-leader. we went to an informational meeting for parents (we BEING the parents) and there were leaders for 3rd graders, for daisies, and for juniors (4-6 grade). no leader for a new brownie troop. it was clear that we would be at the meeting until someone volunteered. b/c my mom and i have both talked up girl scouts since irene was a wee thing, i needed this to happen for her. ergo, i volunteered to be an ASSISTANT leader. no one else volunteered. no one else wanted to commit for the whole time. eek! it'll be fine. right? i mean, i hope it will be okay. i'm confident that i will do okay as a leader. i'm just nervous. the first meeting for our new troop will be on my birthday (tuesday).

this i got from debR at some point.

1. One book that you've read more than once.

seriously? just one? I’ve re-read more books than I’ve NOT reread...but, I think my answer might be, like DebR’s, the _Wrinkle in Time_ trilogy (which now has 4 books b/c she wrote _Many Waters_ as a companion book for it, but I’ve not read it as many times as the original 3). close second would either be The Belgariad (a 5 book series by david eddings) or possibly The Eight – by Katherine Neville

2. One book you would want on a desert island.

crap. just one? argh. how long am I on the island? maybe The Eight. or, perhaps, an anthology of greek myths.

3. One book that made you laugh.

hmmm — again — many. and again, I think I’m going with DebR’s answer...Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy...i’ve listened to that book more times than I’ve read it. the doors slay me! “thank you for making a lowly door very happy”

4. One book that made you cry.

many many....i think I’ll go with _Bridge to Terabithia_ a beautiful book. surprisingly, one that I haven’t re-read...i remember reading part of it with tears streaming down my face and my gramma walking in and asking what on earth I was reading and did my parents know I was reading something that was making me cry so much...

one that makes me cry just by reading part of it? Little Women – the chapter when sweet beth dies. omg. the pages in my book are tearstained from all the tears (well, duh, I guess that’s what tearstained means, huh?)

5. One book you wish you had written.

most anything by Madeline L’Engle. her books are magical to me. I love that nearly every one of her books is interconnected in some way with the others. she has a way of writing that speaks deeply to me.

6. One book you wish had never been written.

hmmmm...i don’t know. a book that I didn’t like at all was The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka. and i enjoy russian novels. this one? not so much. but do I wish it had never been written? nah. I just wish I’d never had to read it.

7. One book you're currently reading.

heh - _Mary Poppins_ which, until some folks on quilty yahoogroup were talking about, I didn’t know was a book. I’m enjoying it greatly. the image in my head is still julie andrews, but it’s fun seeing that she’s not truly so practically perfect in EVERY way.

8. One book you've been meaning to read.

_Catcher in the Rye_ by JD Salinger. it’s true. I didn’t have to read it in high school. i read tess of the d'urbervilles (thomas hardy) and passage to india (i didn't like that book -- SO freakin' slow. oy!) crime and punishment (dostoyevsky - loved the book until the epilogue. i felt the epilogue was a cop-out. i wrote my whole paper on it. i believe it was titled "To Epilogue, or NOT to epilogue. THAT is the REAL question"), a lot of the bible (we read that during the summer - i remember our teacher sending home a note saying something to the effect of "if you're not willing to read this - AS LITERATURE - you really shouldn't be in my AP Lit class"), hmmmm what else did we read in that class? i can't remember. crazy.

9. One book that changed your life.

I don’t know that one book has changed my life, but my love of books is such a part of me. I wouldn’t be who I am today w/o books. gosh, that sounds dramatic. but it’s true.

10. One book you recommend often.

_The Eight_


bluesphee said...

Catcher in the Rye is my favorite book ever. Read it! :)

jsdaughter said...

i enjoyed your site... I'll look for some of those books!
Michele sent me

:-D eirdre said...

So you really recommend The Eight
Tee Hee!

Deb R said...

I've never even heard of "The Eight" so I guess I need to look for that one! I liked reading your answers kristen.

The brownie troop thing will be fine. (pat,pat,pat)

kristen said...

bluesphee - i will go and borrow Catcher in the Rye from the library as soon as i finish mary poppins. i'll be reading that one twice, as i'm going to read it w/my 6 year old after we finish the current book.

jsdaughter - thanks so much for stopping by :) glad you enjoyed your stay

:-Deirdre - heh heh. yeah. i do. i love it and catch new things every time i read it. i've bought it numerous times and given them away to friends - espeically when friends are going to europe. good train reading.

deb - i don't like katherine neville's other books as much, but i really felt she got it right with The Eight. it does time shifting and has lots of cool math stuff and art and music and chess and their interconnectedness - as well as historical characters.

and thank you so much for the pat pat pats :) i appreciate it.

David said...

hello from michele- your girls are surely cute! glad you have this special place to share the joy!
its 2996 at my place all weekend

Carrie said...

I'm reading Catcher In The Rye right now. Wow! I'm having trouble warming up to the character but I working on it. Adam recommended it

As for being a brownie leader, you will do fine. My mom was a leader plus my brother's den mother. I loved being in scouts.

kristen said...

Carrie -- i have found HUGE amounts of men and boys that LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. some women and girls seem to like it, but it doesn't have quite the same impact on them. some women love it and some hate it. i'm sure that's the same for men as well, but i've just found that nearly every man with whom i've spoken about books, that one has made a big impression on them.

re: brownies -- thank you :) good to have votes of confidence!

david - thanks -- actually, the younger one is a boy *smile*