Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the end of an era

first off, Hathor has the funniest and most realistic comic on her site right now - it's called bad vibe and anyone who has nursed whether in a sling or just w/a shirt, or even w/one of those big ol' blankets over your shoulders KNOWS it to be true. b/c on those days that you ARE feeling just a wee bit more discreet when you are in public, THAT is the time that your darling babe will THROW UP THE SHIRT (or blanket or whatever) or thrust their entire body backwards so that your breast is just blowing in the wind for all the world to see. it's actually pretty funny. the other funny thing is when babies first start realizing there is a world outside and are distracted by everything and while nursing will take your nipple for a ride up down and around farther than you could have ever imagined.

next, my girlfriend anna has a friend who now works for motherwear (motherwear has some really quality nursing wear). she has started a blog so go and check it out if you are so inclined.

lastly, it's been nearly two weeks since rhys last nursed. it's not like he was nursing gobs, just once, at naptime. what's really funny is that the last time he nursed he said "mama, i LOVE to nuhse." he doesn't nap every day, so we weren't nursing every day, but he was pretty adamant when i did put him down for a nap that he wanted to nurse. well, now even when we go upstairs for him to nap, he hasn't asked and i haven't offered. it's bittersweet b/c he's my last baby.

i really loved nursing. it was a struggle in the beginning w/both kids. nursing, for me, was not the "easy and natural" thing in the beginning. it had a learning curve. my children and i had to work together to get it all figured out. rhys and i had a rough 10 months full of ups and downs before things got better. it was worth it. all of it! i loved being able to completely care for my children. i had everything they needed. when they were hurt, nursing instantly helped. sad? nursing fixed it (along w/big kisses). i was quite the producer of milk too. i had enough for me and my friend's baby. my friend was also my labor and delivery nurse when i had irene. she is VERY salt of the earth and homebirthed her two children. anyway, she had skim milk (sounds funny, but sometimes people do and no matter what they use, it stays skim). i had pure cream. so i'd pump for henry and bottle it up and take it over to my friend or she'd come and pick it up.

i could talk a lot more about this, but maybe at another time. i'm going to ask Paula Lerner if i can post a picture she took of me and rhys at the avon walk for breast cancer in 2004. will post it here if i get her okay.


Goofy Girl said...

I have no experience with nursing since I don't have any little ones, but it sounds like nursing worked out really well for you!

Goofy Girl said...

PS Michele sent me!

Carrie said...

Gosh I have never really thought about it. Very interesting and touching stuff you have here. Maybe someday soon I will have a child and have the same experiences as you.

WV:pugynohs. Do I have a pudgy nose?

moon said...

So ironic that I read this on your blog today ..why? because I blogged about my daughter being her 16th I posted a pic of me 16 yrs ago nursing her in the hospital. I really loved nursing ....and so glad I did as I only had the one child. Some women aren't so lucky. My sister had such a difficult time with her breasts, the milk wasn't coming out and she was getting sick and weak as was the baby..she saw numerous doctors to finally have to stop..not without trying ... was a pity, broke her heart...
Here from Michele's...great post, enjoyed reading it.

Deb R said...

I hope you get permission to post that photo. I remember it and it's FAB!

utenzi said...

While I don't remember it first hand, Kristen, my Mom assures me that the breast feeding thing was a no-go in my case. I just hated to be held and fought any attempts to breast feed. It took a number of years to get over that--I'm more willing to be held these days.

Your comments about babies doing "awkward" things while nursing is funny. I can picture in my mind the expression on a baby's face as it looks in wonder at the world--and Mom's attempt to close that blanket quick.

Michele sent me, Kristen.

kristen said...

thanks everyone.

utenzi - i'm a HUGE breastfeeding advocate. that said, i do know that sometimes, it just can't happen. i think, THESE days, some women don't realize it's going to be difficult (maybe -- it sure was for me) in the beginning and if you don't have supportive people around you, it's easy enough to grab some formula that is being thrown at you. i was lucky to be very firm in my desire to nurse my children and to have hugely supportive people around me (my dh most especially!). and you made me giggle so much w/your comment about getting over being held *giggle* and i'm glad you you were able to get a chuckle from my descriptions of those awkward moments. it really is pretty funny.

deb - i'm waiting to hear from paula. so hopefully she'll say yes.

moon - i love the pictures on your blog. your daughter is beautiful. i'm sorry your sister had such difficulties. sometimes it just doesn't work out and it can indeed be heartbreaking. i know it would have been for me.

carrie - is that west virginia-ese? the bit about pugynose? b/c i can tell you that no, you don't have a pudgy nose *smile*

goofy girl - thank you for stopping by.

Lostcheerio said...

Awww, sweetie. I know it's sooo hard when the last baby gives up the boob. Try to look on the bright side, right? Now you can take valium!!! *cackle*

KaraMia said...

I only made it three months with Kendell..he was never full! but, I am glad I made it even that far.

kristen said...

lydia - you've been on my mind. and yep, valium. maybe that would help me today. or i could take those colon blow pills - heh heh.

kara - good on ya!