Wednesday, March 14, 2007

M is for...

museum - i miss going to museums. when i lived in spain, i went to the prado weekly for a class. i loved it. while traveling through europe, i went to a number of museums.

money - a necessary evil.

mom - i've got three of them :) mom, moni, and pat.

mama - that's me :) i always thought i'd be mommy, but i'm definitely mama.

music - i love music. i'm not very good at always remember the name of the song, and sometimes not the name of the groups, but i do love music.

moni - my stepmom. she and my dad live in redlands. we don't see them often enough. one of irene's middle names is for her (it's her middle name too).

matthew - my baby brother - can i still call him my baby brother if he's going to be 28? sure. why the heck not?!? i adore him totally and completely. he's engaged to another M -- Michelle. they are great together and are fantastic w/our kids. we don't see THEM often enough either!

martinez - my extended family. part of the reason i wanted to learn spanish was so that i could understand what they were saying about us kids - giggle.

math - hated it. am still not overly fond of it, but i am trying to fake it til i make it b/c irene likes it.

mermaid - i wanted to be a mermaid when i was young.

Ms. De Haan - that's what i go by when i'm teaching.

mess - i hope someday to not be messy. not cluttery. it's something to strive for.

major - i had a double major in college - spanish and psychology.

mac - we've been an apple family for a reallllly long time. mom and ken have had apples since the apple 2. rob has one of the groooooovy macs and i have the titanium laptop.

magic - i absolutely believe in magic and magical things.

mcrae - mom and ken's last name.

mythology - i really love reading mythology. i used to be quite versed in it all. i'm less so now, but looking forward to revisiting it with irene.

mean - i do not like it when people are mean. i don't like myself when *I* am mean. it does happen sometimes.

meerkats - meerkats are just really fun to watch.

melody - melodies will often get stuck in my head, but what i really love singing is the harmony. i was a second soprano in high school and loved singing harmony.

menopause - why didn't i hear about THIS in 6th grade? i didn't really realize that it could be a difficult time until i was in college and my mom was going through it.

menstruation - while it is a pain (sometimes literally), it is also something to celebrate.

meringue - how funny is it that i only just now found out that the way i THOUGHT this word was spelled is actually the DANCE merengue - d'oh! i like meringue cookies. my gramma schoenmann used to make them every christmas.

microbrews - so much better to me than things like bud, coors, michelobe

midnight blue - my favorite crayola color

midwife - i loved my midwives. one was our doctor's wife. she helped deliver rhys and was my main midwife through both pregnancies.

(The) Milks - what irene called nursing

millenium - rob and i spent the millenium with our 9 day old irene. each time she woke up to nurse, we'd turn on the tv and see who was celebrating. we watched celebrations all over the world.

mischievous - yes, i have been this. and am getting my paybacks now from the occasional mischievousness from my own kids.

malaprop - oh, i have often had some interesting malapropisms pop out of my mouth.

mispronounce - people nearly always mispronunced my maiden name - it's schoenmann. pronounced SHANE-mun (i don't know where to find the schwa on my computer - so mun is pretty close). in german, there is an r sound to it. people also misprounounce my married name. and often, people mispronounce kristen too. kirsten, kiersten, christian, etc. :)

mosquito - i am a magnet to the lovely critters. the only times i was not bothered by them was when i was pregnant and when i was nursing. that's all. other than that, i am the magnet. THE magnet. oh my. i can remember going on a camping trip w/my dad when i was 5 - we went, as i recall, to every state west of the mississippi. anyway, at one point, i had pink polka dots all over me due to the calamine lotion.

moon - i love the moon. we call her Miss Moon here at our house.

mud - mud is absolute fun. i got in trouble when i was little for making mud pies against the house. oops. mudpuddles are the best to splash in too.

(the) Mummy - LOVE this movie! it's also the first movie that rob got a credit in - i think that's right - he'll correct me if sleepy hollow was before the mummy.

multicultural - i wish that our school were more multicultural.


The Lone Beader said...

M is for Musée du Louvre. I'm going there next month, and I cannot wait=:)

Also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog yesterday=:)

kristen said...

oooh! i did not get to go to the louvre when i was in france - i had a very very short time in paris, so i just decided that i'd get there another time. i couldn't see being at the louvre for only an hour.

have an AMAZING time! know that i will be very jealous *smile*

and you are welcome.

Carrie said...

What do you mean credit?

M-Missed you.

Laume said...

Jeff and I went to the Nevada Museum of Art yesterday. They have an Andy Warhol exhibit. Also a Latino Voce exhibit but that was much too small. Oh, and a student's art exhibit which was fun. You should take the kids.