Thursday, March 01, 2007

we are experiencing technical difficulties

argh! our modem died. we have one that should be shipping soon. we are occasionally able to borrow some bandwidth, but don't like doing it. it also doesn't work very well.

if you're wondering why ROB is able to update HIS website, it's b/c he goes to work and DOES have access.

so, i haven't responded to comments, i haven't gotten much e-mail, and i haven't been able to comment or even GO to very many blogs since saturday night.

hopefully i'll be able to post sometime soon.

fingers crossed that this posts and doesn't take all night.


Carrie said...

I seriously think about ending it when I don't have access. It makes me crazy. But you know we love you and we will be patient.


KaraMia said...

ah, welcome to my world of always breaking

kristen said...

carrie - thank you :) it was an odd thing - i could get some mail sometimes and other times i had nearly nothing. it barely let me post anything.

kara - lol! too funny - and WOOHOO to YOU with the new hubbahubba heh heh.