Monday, March 19, 2007

Reasons Irene loves her daddy

Rob and Irene rode 6.4 miles along the Truckee River on Saturday. They both had a wonderful time. I really love this picture of them - both with their helmets on, Irene looking a little tired, Rob looking happy, the river rapiding (like that word? rapid-ing? heh). oh, and that's the grand sierra resort (it bought the hilton) in the background.

i can't remember what this cache was called - cache head maybe?

this is a cool shot of rob and irene's bikes.

and now, on to important things!! irene did this in the car. i've kept all of her spelling. my special favorite is the spelling of video :D

things about my dad

1. he trise new things

2. he likes to ride his bike

3. hes funny

4. hes nice

5. his name is rob

6. he goes geo cashing

7. he fixes my bike

8. he plays softball

9. he plays vedio games for us

10. hes the best daddy in the world.


Nancy said...

So sweet!

Number 5 made me laugh out loud!

Way to go, Daddy!

kristen said...

nancy!!! hey there :) thanks for stopping by. #5 is a pretty good one - hee hee.

Laume said...

That's such a sweet photo of Rob holding Irene. And her list is "ahhhhhh". Lisa sent me a photo of Joe holding Joli today - it's still hard to believe he's really a daddy to a little girl.

Carrie said...

That is so sweet! It makes me want kids so bad. Actually Adam was telling his sister after the engagement that he was aching for a little one. I just hope he slows down a little.

kristen said...

laume - *beam* isn't it? i'll bet you are having a wonderful time w/your sweet little joli!

carrie - thanks :) and aww. it'll happen :)