Tuesday, June 24, 2008

full frontal

Today found Rhys and me at Borders. Whenever I go there, I check on Joshilyn's books (and the books of other friends...well, okay, maybe it would be considered more friends of friends - but i KNOW her, i'm on a LIST with her and her best friend is one of mine - so that makes us just one degree of separation!). I made sure that I made them all facing front. I almost titled this post Joshilyn Jackson's Full Frontals, but felt she might not really appreciate THAT kind of a title...I also had Borders Bucks that can't be used if I use my teacher discount for children's books, so i bought Karen Abbott's Sin in the Second City (Karen is TWO degrees of separation b/c SHE is friends with Joshilyn who is friends with Lydia - see???) I loved that the book is newly out in paperback and was for the same amount my bordersbucks were. YEA!! You can go to Joshilyn's blog (the H is silent, so it's pronounced josilyn) and see where she did 3 questions (plus several) with Karen.

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Dara said...

Oh, she might just love that title :) I love her books so much, I want to read through them fast because I can't wait to see what happens next, but then I'll have to wait another year until the next one comes out! I compromised on TGWSS and just read it a month ago. Loved. It.