Sunday, June 01, 2008

fabric sale fun

Deirdre asked what we're going to do with our fun stuff -- well, the green fabric with dinosaurs are destined, apparently, to become a stuffed dinosaur. some of the batiks are going to be part of my dress for my baby brother's wedding and part of them will be for Beanie's flower girl dress. Some of it might go into Rhys' patchwork pants. Some of it will go into Matt and Michelle's quilt.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sunflowers - the green ones were on sale. the yellow/orange ones were not.


Deirdre said...

These look like fun - what kind of project do you have in mind for them?

Jaye said...

Where did you get the fabric? If you go back there, get me some of the yellow, and the green sunflowers. I'll send you a check. Thanks!