Saturday, June 14, 2008

not a good day to dye

hair that is...
first we tried irene's hair.  wild oats is in the process of changing to whole paycheck - er i mean - whole foods and they are moving to a new location, so they aren't restocking anything like hennas or indigo...irene wanted blue streaks - but then was okay with magenta.  so we bought beets and we had frozen blueberries.  it was very time consuming to do the beets...finally i coated irene's hair in beet & blueberry juice and pulp - 3 sets of strands.  meanwhile, i started my henna.  i was doing copper.  i added some tea to it to get goldenness.  irene's didn't work and mine is actually a darker brown rather than anything even slightly red.  bummer.  i'd say we had fun trying, but i don't know that we did.  it really was a lot of work and a lot of mess.  ah well.


deirdre said...

no photos - would have been fun to see the "Mess".

I can't believe the beet didn't dye anything! Did your fingers turn red?

Well I can see there will be many many years of experiments in your household! Today Morgan and I get to experiment today!
:-D eirdre

Laume said...

I know what you mean about not being sure you had any fun. The last time I did henna was with Lisa. I couldn't find my box and Lisa's color choice didn't work very well for some unknown reason and it was so gloppy and messy and so much work she asked why I thought this was a good idea!? She's used to my ideas being GOOD ones and we were both rather disappointed. And put off doing it again. I did find my box of henna since then but haven't worked up the energy to use it yet. Hmmm, maybe for this summer. Maybe for the fairy festival. We'll see.