Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Clearly Insane

My sister, Jolie, asked me on Sunday, if, perhaps, I'd like to noodle over the idea of running/walking/bothing the Honolulu Marathon with her in December (december 13th in fact). So, I noodled it over and decided, what the heck.

We are going to re-evaluate in the summer - look at finances, where we are in our training, etc. But, as of right now, I'm saying we're doing it. And my brother, Ted, might do it as well!! Our kids and spouses and whomever else might want to come along will be our cheering crew and cheer us at multiple places on the course. There is no time limit. There is no rule that says we must run the whole thing. So -- it will be done!

Wish me luck!!


JulieZS said...

Sounds like a plan! and a great excuse to go to Hawaii. I wish you great big bunches of luck with training, etc. Go For It.

Jaye said...

Luck! I am thrilled for you!

Dara said...

Do it!! What a perfect goal!!