Sunday, January 14, 2007

cranky in the air?

so first i saw that carrie is feeling cranky - then i was reading about debR feeling ranty (cranky). what is in the air?? *I* am cranky for no good reason. not as bad today as it was yestrday. and yesterday i could only be cranky for x amount of time b/c i needed to take irene and put on my brownie smile for the COOKIE rally! yes, boys and girls, this is the time. girls will be headed to your doors soon if they haven't gotten there already.

anyway, i just don't know what's going on with me - i just feel out of sorts. a bit left of center (yes yes, i'm always left of center politically and socially, but this is more feeling not quite in my correct space).

ah well. this too shall pass, right?

it's been cold here. yesterday when i woke up, it was 5. five. apparently at some point it was -9. the high? 27. irene and i went out so she could sell cookies and my toes took a LONG time to get warm after we got back home. this morning it's a balmy 28 already. practically short sleeves and shorts weather - heh heh.

oh! rob and irene went out last night (rob had to run briefly into work and took the bean for company) and found rob's 200th geocache! that's pretty cool, huh? actually, i think they're up to 203 now. irene was asleep for the last one. so YEA YEA YEA ROB!

he's also got a picture of irene finding the 200th cache as well as video of rhys at gymnastics - go and check them out :)

okay - off to shake off this mood! hopefully i'll be less cranksalot tomorrow...


Deb R said...

I'm feeling a bit less like Ranty McRantyPants today so hopefully you'll start feeling less cranky too. Must be some weird alignment of planets or something!

We're strangely warm here in KY. It's been in the 50s every day for the past 2-3 weeks, which is very weird for January.

Carrie said...

I'm feeling a lot better today. It has been weird because we have been iced in for the last 3 days and we haven't got on each other's nerves yet. The sleeping thing is going smoothly but I am so tired. I don't know what that is about.

I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Jaye said...

I was wearing my Cranky Pants last week, but noticed I was feeling better when I woke up this morning. Sewed a lot today and that always helps. Feel better (e.g. sew or eat chocolate)

KaraMia said...

think it's just the winter blah's. post holiday let down. Iv'e been the same, cant really seem to blog regular or do my normal blog reading rounds...feel bad about that.