Monday, January 29, 2007

6th monthiversary

carrie over at drawcircles had mentioned on friday that her 6 monthiversary was coming up. it put me to mind of our (rob's and my) 6th monthiversary. That would have been february 28th, 1992 (apparently, it was a friday, but i had to look that part up on google). rob was still a manager at petaluma cinemas (man do i miss free movies) and i was still in college. rob had to work on friday nights, but i had no classes on fridays (i was a smart college student! for the most part, i was able to NOT have friday classes OR monday classes!). so, we decided to go out to the coast and walk on the beach then have a nice lunch, then me back to my apt and rob back home.

We went to Goat Rock in Bodega Bay. here's a picture
we were down below on the beach where you can see beach and the smaller rock (still very tall, but not as tall as the one in the back of the picture. i had my fabbo ricoh camera that i'd taken with me to spain, and rob had a camera as well. he climbed up onto the rock (b/c he's tall and it's fun to climb rocks). i stayed down on the beach which is filled with lots of little rocks and was looking to find a good rock to take home as a nice memory rock. well, if you know about bodega bay and actually a whole lot of that coast, there are sneaker waves...there is also quite a rip tide and under toad (world according to garp anyone?). well, as i recall, i'd just taken a picture of rob up on the rock and then went back to looking for rocks. a sneaker wave caught me. it knocked me over. i remember holding my camera up hoping beyond hope to save it from the saltwater. the wave passed. i got up. rob was looking down at me. and i just started laughing. it really was very funny. even more funny was the fact that we'd not yet had lunch! rob took a picture of me in my wet pants laughing.

we stayed a bit longer at the beach - then we went to lunch (rob will probably remember the name of the place we went - i can picture it, i can even picture where we were sitting, but i can't remember the name of it!). soaking pants and all. we drove home as it was getting close to sunset (rob had to work, remember?). i probably fell asleep in the car b/c there's something lovely about the warm sun and windy roads in the afternoon that lulls me to sleep. plus, i was with the man of my dreams and feeling safe and cozy - even though i was wet.

i can't imagine being the person who'd have gotten upset at the sneaker wave in that situation - though i know and knew several people who would have been. it was surprising, but boy oh boy was it also funny.

oh - and rob has some video and pictures posted from this weekend - i took the video and the kid pix and the rob pic. he took the bone/hoof pix.


KaraMia said...

what a lovely memory

Carrie said...

Man you have a great memory. I wish I could remember stuff like that.

You think I should have taken a picture of us moving? hehe

Lostcheerio said...

OMG look at your WEIRD SPAM. Very weird!

Hey, I want to see the WET PANTS picture!!! I suppose that was in the dark ages before digital cameras, right? Hehehe. I can just picture you cracking up over something like that. Never heard the phrase "sneaker wave" before.

kristen said...

that was a super whackjob comment.

yep, the dark ages indeed! it was 1992 - gads! crazy long ago. almost exactly 15 years, infact!

hmm - sneaker waves are the ones that just sort of come from out of nowhere - like, no wave, no wave no wave no wave BIG STRONG WAVE! i'll keep looking for the pictures.

carrie - how funny - i have pictures from almost all of our moves - i don't think i have one from when we first moved in together - so, hmmm, i'm totally lying. but i have lots of pictures of several moves :)

kara - thank you :) it is indeed a good one, if i do say so myself.