Thursday, February 15, 2007

irene made famous

:) well, she is if you go to TheLoanBeader's site! isn't that cool??? and did you see all of her beaded things? did you take a look at the firetruck that the loan beader is making? did you scroll down and see her size 22 seed beads for the dalmation? oh my goodness!!! they look to be the size of glitter! amazing!!

yesterday, for those that don't know, was valentine's day (heh heh). rhys and i went to irene's school and helped with the party - it was quite fun. i was quite impressed with the kids - after doing the craft rotations (irene took rhys with her to each station and helped him with this and that - very sweet of her!), it was time to eat and then open up their valentines. the kids were incredibly polite and were saying thank you to their friends for the valentines. this is not to say that they weren't also hopped up on sugar, but it was wonderful to hear so many kids thanking the other kids in their class.

after that we came home and irene sorted through all of her valentines, put the candies into a bag, and looked at them all :) yes, of COURSE i let her eat some! we went to black rock for dinner with mom and ken. it was yummy as always. we had a coupon for a free dessert, so we ordered the slice of italian wedding cake - the frosting is beyond divine. of course, rhys decided he was exhausted and wanted to leave. know, i *know* he was exhausted b/c he didn't even want to wait for the cake! so, i took him home and irene shared the slice of cake with her daddy. they were very very sweet and brought home the frosting'd top for me and some of the cake for rhys. i enjoyed the top last night, rhys will enjoy the cake today.

okay - just about time to take my beanie child to school.


Carrie said...

Look at her! Already famous.

Sounds like you had a nice V-day. The cake sounds yummy.

The Lone Beader said...

Just so you know, at least 115 different people looked at Irene's artwork today alone, and it will be archived on my blog indefinitely. She'll be able to look back at it several years from now, and remember how she felt the first day she read my post=:)

Thanks again, Irene! Keep up the good work=:)

kristen said...

carrie - it was nice :) and the frosting is deeeeeelicious!

diana - wow! that is so cool! thank you again for posting it and i'm looking forward to watching your firetruck progress.