Friday, February 16, 2007

before and after

so, i was able to grow 8" of ponytail - it's getting donated to locks of love via a friend's daughter who is working on a service project. Usually 10 inches or more is requested to make one wig, but donated hair less than 10 inches will be sold and those monies put towards wig production.

i think it's been about 7 years since my hair was this short. it will be a surprise to the kids and rob - well, not really b/c i sent a picture to them. they are in Lodi for the weekend. yes, that's right. i am sans children. besides the avon walk for breast cancer, i don't know the last time i didn't have a child or children with me. it's weird. i'm hoping to quilt baby jaxin's quilt - it's sandwiched and pin basted. just need to find some thread and start quilting. hopefully i will get that done and hopefully i won't freak out without my husband and kids w/in arms reach...i was getting that sort of hyperventalness (like that word?) as i was helping pack the car. as joshilyn jackson would say, my mental health number is heading toward the stratosphere *smile*

but i really am looking forward to sleeping until i wake up on my own!


Deb R said...

I love it, kristen!! You look fabulous!!

Jaye said...

I didn't realize your hair had gotten so long! It has been a dog's age since I saw you! Fabulous new cut. I am chopping all my hair off as well, but am waiting for it to warm up a bit for good so my neck stays warm.

How fun to be sans les petits!


Carrie said...

Man your hair was long. I finally wore my hair down this weekend and realized how long it was. I wear a pony at work.

I'm proud of you for donating your hair.

Shaz said...

What a beautiful gesture,my treatment has my hair thinning. I am not sure how much I will keep or if it will be the shears for me. Either way you look great and I think your gorgeous.

The Lone Beader said...

I like your haircut, too! It's cute! And donating to a good cause is so wonderful=:)

melba said...

I have been debating cutting my hair. Your new cut looks sooo good!

kristen said...

deb - thank you so much :) i still like it and it's been - omg! nearly a month!!!

jaye - it HAS been a dog's age! and i think that when i *did* see you, i probably had my hair pulled back.

carrie - awww, thank you :) it was surprising how long my hair had gotten - and i guess, relatively speaking, it grew pretty fast, but once it got to that point, it just stopped. the same thing happened in 8th grade - the last time my hair was that long.

shaz - thank you very much. my MIL shaved her's when it started getting too spotty. her hair began falling out on thanksgiving 2005. she now has her hair back and her new chemo hasn't seemed to affect her hair. keep fighting the fight, shaz!!

lovelylonebeader - thank you :) i just wish my hair had actually grown the necessary 10" - but at least they can get some money from my 8" locks :)

kristen said...

melba - thank you :) it's very fun to cut ones hair in a drastic way. no one here in nevada had seen me with short hair, so it was funny getting comments about "how could you do that? do you LIKE it that short?" they weren't saying it in a bad way - just a surprised way.