Thursday, February 08, 2007

quick answer getting to know you (me)

i still owe two of these from when deb was hosting - but i will just carry on with this one from swampgrrl. if you want to participate, please let me see yours (tell me about it in the comments) and go to create a connection and let them know as well.

Answer the following questions by intuition ... whatever comes to you immediately.

If you spend more than 2 seconds on the answer, leave it blank and move to the next question.


1. You run into a friend who has just chopped off all her long hair (or suddenly has an Afro). What do you say?

oooooh! look at YOU!

2. You walk by a well dressed man with manicured hands who smells like a gin martini. He asks you for money. What do you do?

not in this lifetime.

3. Your brother or sister or best friend falls madly in love with someone you think is a jerk. What do you do?

keep my mouth shut and hope that either a) i'm wrong or b) my bro/sis/best friend realizes it before s/he gets too hurt, but i will be there to listen and support when the realization hits.

4. You get a terrible present from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you let it show?

i do my very best to love it anyway.

5. Who's your favorite Beatle?

er - paul b/c i like what he's done then and since, john b/c his words were like magic, ringo b/c he wrote a silly song (i love it when drummers write silly songs - think Paul Hester and Italian Plastic as well as ringo's octopuses garden), and george for his guitar gently weeping (what do you mean i can't pick all 4?!?!)

6. You walk by a disheveled man wearing soiled & tattered clothes. He politely asks you for money. What do you do?

i give it to him if i have it. if i have food, i give him some of that.

6. Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis?

does anyone really pick the fat elvis?

Good job!

Next, go find an outrageous picture of your Elvis on the net and post it at the bottom of your answers. Be sure to give credit to the photographer.

i'm just trying to get this posted, so i'm going to skip the bonus round.


Carrie said...

I couldn't pick between the beatles either. That would be tough.

Deb R said...

I wondered the same thing about Elvis. :-)

It was fun reading your answers, kristen.

swampgrrl said...

great job, kristen. my intuition tells me that you are a loving friend.

and no one has picked fat elvis...boohooo!!!

KaraMia said...

I like your answer to number, i've done that many times...
and it's sadly ironic that MY hair currently looks like an afro....

Cynthia said...

LOL, I love that you picked all four . . . but you know that you should have picked John as your top favorite!

The Lone Beader said...

Fat Elvis = funny.