Tuesday, February 06, 2007

just ick.

didn't get into grad school. don't know what to do differently for the next go 'round b/c there AREN'T any required letters of recommendation or anything like that. frickafrackafruck. just bummed. and apparently at my wits end too.


edited to say - what a crappy 100th post, huh? i'm teaching today and friday, so i'll try to do a better one later.


Anonymous said...

Well, the first one or two times I applied for my job here at IGT I was turned down as well. The third (or was it the fourth?) time was a charm. Now they love me and they wonder why they overlooked me the previous two (or three) times.

The bottom line is that you are at the mercy of someone else's subjective decision making. You've got the grades, you've got the skills, you would excel in the program, but someone threw a dart and it didn't hit your name. Their loss!!

You are a fantastic, caring and loving mother and wife. For now, you're using your talents where they matter most; at home with your family.

Keep trying. They'll see the error in their ways soon enough and you'll dazzle them once you get in.

Your loving husband.

Deb R said...

I'm sorry kristen, that sucks. If grad school is what you really want, then I hope you'll try again. They'd be lucky to get you!!!

kristen said...

to my loving husband - yet another reason that i love you so. thank you.

deb - yeah - pretty much sucks. i will try again. i need to call them and ask for what they might want specifically. do i take more classes? get more grades in there? hope for some As? i have a b or b+ average. i just need to find out. and i don't want to do it when i'm ready to cry. so, next week i'll call...and thank you.

JulieZS said...

I'm sorry kristen, that sucks! I hope that you are successful if/when your reapply.

Carrie said...

Rob's right. The only thing you can fail at is if you give up.


Laume said...

First of all - huh? wha? when did you decide this? Why didn't I hear about it!?

Secondly - I'm sorry you didn't make it. Doesn't mean a thing, y'know. Luck of the draw. Maybe you're meant to be focused on home a bit longer for some reason. When can you try again?

thirdly - Rob's response is just "Awwww" - I'm all feeling lovey dovey towards husbands in general now. Perhaps they have good in them after all. Mine is bringing me hot cereal in bed at the moment. I'm sorta under the weather.

kristen said...

julie - thank you. i hope so too. this is my second go round w/grad school aps. i'll try again at some point. i'm not sure when the next round is due. i need to figure out what to do differently first.

carrie - aww - 'fanx!

laume - i wasn't really telling the world. and yeah - mom said the same thing - grand plan and all that carp...not that i really think it's carp, but it feels like it right now. and yes, very very nice husband i have! sorry you're feeling puny :(