Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pac man fever and happy family

Rhys doesn't play pac man nearly so much as he did a while back (it's the Pac Man World 2 or something like that), but Irene suggested early this year that he have a pac man birthday party. so that's what he wanted. happily rob's office group had recently changed themes and we got the pac stuff. we decorated our back yard for our very low key birthday party.I was VEDDY pleased with the pac man cake i made :D the frosting was from scratch. the cake was a box mix. it was irene's idea to use whipped cream for the ghosties mouths.
rhys was most insistent that skyler come to his party *smile* and happily she and her family were able to come. nana and sensei were also there. so it was small and low key, but a good time was had by all. the cake was a big hit and we had bubbles for the kids to blow. the kids seemed to like the shish kabobs and their sparkly lemonade. rhys got some really great presents and was a happy 4 year old kid.

after folks left, we went out to the front yard to hang out. the lighting was nice and it wasn't too hot.

here is my very handsome husband. the love of my life. *happy sigh*
here is my beautiful 7 1/2 year old and here is my silly 4 year old

and here is a picture of me and rob


Carrie said... preshy.

kristen said...

happy happy smile - thank you, carrie

carli said...

That is the coolest cake. I wish it was the 80s again. But how awesome that you threw him a retro 4-th birthday party!

kristen said...

carli - thank you so much *beam!* :) it was fun to put it together.

there are definitely times that i wish it were 80s again - i loved the music (new wave/alternative).

and rhys really loves pac man - it's really funny.

thanks for stopping by :)