Sunday, August 12, 2007

for star wars fans everywhere...

while i was out one day, rob played Battlefront II with Rhys (let me say, i'm not anti star wars - i LOVE star wars...i was just trying to keep the gun violence down in the house for as long as possible). oh my dog. it's all star wars all the time.

and are some snippets from rhys' world of star wars...

episode V may be The Empire Strikes Back (and is clearly the favorite in this household), but Rhys calls it Episode Five

and obviously, A New Hope is actually called "The Vampire Strikes Front!"

and did you know that they guy w/the "Life Saver" with 2 sides is called Dark Mauve?

he will tell you all about General Grievous (though he has not seen any episodes besides the original and empire strikes back). it's really funny to listen to him talk about it all.

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