Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flat Tire

Sorry if i upset anyone by not saying what had happened...I wasn't thinking (obviously) and just assumed you'd know it was just a tire.  I was driving the girls to school (mine and one of our friends' daughters) and hit a curb as I was going around a round about (no, i was NOT speeding!!) and heard a pop, but hoped for the best - went a wee bit farther to where I could turn onto a safe street (and was also closer to the school) and parked the car, got out and there was a very very flat tire.

So - Rhys and I walked the girlies to school (only 1/2 mile and we were early - phew!) and walked back to the car.  Called AAA only to find that either a) they didn't send the bill to the right place, 2) they didn't get our payment or c) it came and got buried.  I've been a member of AAA since 1988 - I don't want a card that says I've been a member since 2008!  oh, but that's besides the point (heh heh).  So, I was able to reinstate it over the phone (phew!) and they called the tow truck for us.  The tow truck came in the specified time (he was even a little early) and he towed us to Costco so we could get 2 tires repaired and buy one -- but you cannot buy just one tire - you have to buy two - so the blown tire and the tire that had a razor blade in it (nice) went out the window and they fixed the tire with a hole in it from the various construction that's been going on and Rhys and I were eventually on our way...

I'd planned on running several errands - and planned on calling my girlfriend, Tanya, early to sing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but that didn't end up happening until after we got home and settled a bit.

Ah well.  At least it was ONLY a tire and not anything awful.

Sorry if I worried anyone...

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