Friday, June 23, 2006

ABC's of Me Meme

I saw this on DebR’s blog and again on JulieZS’s blog. so here I go :)

Accent - a California accent (grin). Like Julie, I’m also susceptible to accents.

Booze – margaritas – yum! vodka tonic, vodka collins, frangelico and tonic, yum yum yum. wine wise, I like reds. if I’m going to drink white, I like the sweet stuff – the rieslings, the gewertztraminers, the muscats

Chore I hate – putting away the folded clothes. folding socks. actually, many chores I do not like.

Dog/cat – we had two cats up until recently. we had to put down our merced kitty in may. cleo is still a bit out of sorts, but she’s doing fine. cleo and merced were siblings left in a box in the middle of I-5. my girlfriends and I rescued them (well, the sheriffs rescued them from the freeway. we took them home with us)

Essential electronics – digi cam, laptop, cell phone, some sort of music player, fans

Favorite perfume –hmmm – not sure. I don’t wear perfume very much. when I college, I exclusively wore Sand and Sable

Gold/silver - I like both. my wedding band and engagement ring are both gold

Hometown – is this where I was born, or where I lived the longest while growing up? I was born in The City of Orange, California. Lived in Riverside from 2 – 7. mom lived in oakland from 8 – 15, I lived in Redlands from 9 – 14, Hercules from 15 – 17 (though mom and ken still lived there while I was in college).

Insomnia –had it a LOT while pregnant w/irene. had it sometimes w/rhys. I still occasionally get it.

Job title - mama

Kid(s)- Two. irene turned 6 1/2 yesterday. Rhys will be THREE on Tuesday!

Living arrangements - well....we live in what will be a gated community. does it count for anything that we didn’t KNOW it would be gated when we bought it? it’s almost 1 year old. it’s two story w/4 bedrooms. the backyard is small, but it’s okay. we’re slowly meeting our neighbors. we have our little nuclear family and kitty.

Most admirable trait – hmm – maybe my optimism? or perhaps my perseverence? I don’t know...

Number of countries visited – 13 I think

Overnight hospital stays – 3. twice when I had my children, once when we thought rhys had diabetes. b/c of the latter visit, I always carry an extra pair of panties in the diaper bag (is it still called a diaper bag when your children no longer wear diapers?

Phobias – heights, and something happening to my kids

Quote – You can’t always get what you want...and sometimes you just have to let art FLOW over you (both were in the big chill – and yes, I know the first one is The Rolling Stones

Religion – I feel that I am a very spiritual person and I’ve been to many different kinds of churches. I’ve taken what I like from each and added some paganism to it as well.

Siblings – 4. one sister, 3 brothers (it’s a his mine and ours kind of thing, but they are all my sibs!)

Time you usually wake - at the crack of the ass of dawn when one or both kids wake me up. left to my own devices? probably once I was finally well rested, I’d wake up between 7 and 8.

Unusual talent – er...i have no idea — rob, what is an unusual talent I have?

Vegetable I refuse to eat - julie wrote “How about canned peas. Can't stand them, the smell, the flavor, the texture, ewwwww.” and I have to say, I completely agree

Worst habit – not getting things into the mail. I will have something for someone ahead of time and not get it into the freakin’ mailbox or to the post office!

X-rays – of my own? just one or two, I think. once when I had pneumonia a few years ago, and when I was little and the docs were trying to figure out why I was wetting the bed. I still remember how awful it felt to have the glow-y stuff injected into me. I remember the tears eking (eeking? ekeing?) out of my eyes.

Yummy foods I make –triple chocolate bundt cake and cheese and mushroom soufflé

Zodiac - Virgo

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