Monday, June 05, 2006

Irene's "Polem"

(special thanks to Lydia! YEA YOU for knowing where to find this! You're the BEST!)

"Irene's Polem"

the sun is coming up
the sky is looking blue
the coconuts are blooming
the STRAWBERRIES are blooming
and it's ALL TO ME

the fairies are waking up
the fairies are reading books
the fairies are happy
the fairies are playing
the fairies are playing so much
the kids are happy and playing too
the fairies are jenning kenning lenning
the wind is coming and the baby fairies are staying at home
but the fairies are never ever going to go away
never ever gever fever glever jever never

the moon is coming up
the sun is going away
and the clouds are going
the stars are coming out
the wishing star is the very first and brightest star at night

never ever go away from the baseball,
stay there at night when you want to play
just stay and play
no matter what,
it's ALL TO ME

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Deb R said...

Oh YAY! I'm so glad Lydia found it because it was so fun to read it again!