Wednesday, June 28, 2006


some time ago, on DebR's blog, she'd mentioned margaritas. i told her about cuervo's new infused tequilas. really, i like them very very much. my favorite is the citrico. it's got just the right amount of lime flavor in it. so instead of making my usual margaritas (1 can frozen lime juice, 3/4 - 1 can tequila, a wee bit of triple sec, and a TON of ice, blended, with salt), i've been making them on the rocks. now i use (if it's just for me) 1 shot of citrico or oranjo, 1 shot of rose's lime juice, ice, club soda, and salt - i use sea salt that i have a little grinder for - it's groovy. it tastes delicious. and sometimes i need more lime juice, sometiems a little more tequila. i've also done the tropiƱa - it's okay. would probably be better if i had pinapple juice to go with it. when i had some of that, i used rose's grenadine instead of the lime juice. it was yummy.

so. go and get some. it's on sale at safeway through the end of today! if they don't have it, get a rain check for several.

in fact, i need to go and get some for our annual quilting week in so. cal. will be fun to share with cousin erica since the grandmothers of the children will be there -- perhaps they can help watch the babes while we have one each. that's about as much as it takes to get us both loopy. with the whole nursing thing, you don't drink much and she has a 1 year old so she's nursing a lot. i nurse just a little - well, not me, and not erica either. our boys. anyway, the point is, we're cheap dates *smile*

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