Thursday, June 01, 2006

E is for...

it's that time again...WORDPLAY. Wordplay is this cool personal alphabet/dictionary doodah that Laume is hosting. hosting? i don't know what to call what she's doing, but she's doing it. if you want to know more about it click here. i'm way behind everyone, but it's fun. join in the fun if you'd like.
debR is on the letter K
is on the letter J
is on the letter E (just like me!)
Laume (the starter of all of this) is on the letter F
Diana is on the letter E (also like me *smile*)

so, c'mon! PLAY with us :)

exxxxxcellent! this word, along with absolutely, is one that I use...a’s a very good word, I think. and I do ten to use lots of xxxxs in it when I say it

(the)Eight – by Katherine Neville (look, I like it so much, I even used capital letters!). this book is, hands down, one of my very most favorite books. it’s got historical references, it uses music and math, and logic, and chess, and and and – it’s just wonderful. I’ve read it several millions of times. so has my sister. it’s one that I’ve bought a number of times because I give it to people. I’ve given it to friends going off to europe or other fun places as something to read on the trip or on the plane. then they can pass it on to another traveler.

Europe – I lived in Madrid, Spain for nearly a year. I loved it. no – I REALLY loved it. I feel, if it is at all possible, everyone should spend a good chunk of time in another country. it’s a realllllly good shift in perspective on life and on people and it’s good to know and to realize, the US is NOT the end all be all in this great big world. there were many times I was mortified to be american. I am not surprised at The Ugly American stereotype b/c I’ve seen it. up close and personal. it isn’t called ugly for nothing.

“Engage!” - Star Trek, the next generation is SO my favorite of all the star treks. LOVE picard.

energy – can I just bottle up all the energy in rhys and irene and make it into an elixer?

eclipse – eclipses are SO cool. I can remember my dad waking me up one time to see a lunar eclipse. a
nd I remember in school when there were solar eclipses making those special boxes so you could see it as a shadow and not burn your retinas to all hell.

encircle – this word sort of embodies the earth mother vision for me. w/mother earth wrapping her arms around us all

ectoplasm – c’mon – isn’t that a cool word? does it make YOU think of ghostbusters?

(the) exorcist – VERY scary book. also quite a scary movie

endomorph – I used to be pretty solidly in the mesomoph category...but since having the kids, I’m probably more endomorphic. *bleh* I’m working on changing that. slowly.

eddies – I like seeing little eddies in the water. very cool

emerald – I love emeralds. my Engagement ring is an emerald. rob picked it out his own self. it’s beautiful and I love it. it’s extra special to me b/c he chose it. I just recently got it back from the jewelers. it needed to be re-tipped and one of the diamonds surrounding it had come out and gotten lost. when it came back to me, it looked like the day he first put it on my finger (valentine’s day, 1995 – in sausalito. underneath a full moon. with the bridge lit up. next to the bay.

earth – it’s quite a good planet. I wish we’d all be better to it. I wish nevada had a better recycling program. when we’re doing things like leaving lights on that don’t need to be on, we refer to it as hurting the earth. it’s what I’ve always said w/irene. there are ways to be good to the earth and things that hurt the earth. we try very hard to do what we can to be good to the earth. we’ve been plantning things and hoping they’ll be happy and grow, we’ve just recently gotten a new prius. we recycle what we can.

egrets – I love egrets. there were many of them all over in sonoma and marin county. also in the delta. they are just beautiful.

enchilada – my gramma lala makes the most amazing enchiladas. so does my step-mom, moni. they made them for me when I was down in march and irene proclaimed them “the best wrapped food I’ve ever had!” tee hee hee

exclamation points – love! to! use! them! do I over use them?!?!? of course! do I care?!? heck no!

ellipses...another form of punctuation I tend to use and over use...but I don’t use them to eliminate words...i just use them as long pauses...

erotica - a mighty fine genre. there are many bodice rippers that are quite definitely in the erotica camp. and e is a fine time to plug my friend, Alison.

erasure – one of my favorite bands. I saw them first when they opened for Duran Duran. my boyfriend of the time was WAY there to see Duran Duran. I was there to see Erasure. Vince Clark is a musical genius and amazing on keyboards [he was originally
in Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough was pure Vince, then in Yazoo (yaz here in the states)] and Andy Bell — gosh, you really have to see him b/c he’s wonderful. We saw them at the Shoreline and he was in a flaming red unitard kind of thing. he was streaking back and forth across the stage. the place I saw them that was THE VERY BEST EVER was at The Filmore. very small venue. was so close, he could drip sweat on me (stop saying eeeeeew!). i can't believe i'm not finding their homepage...grrrr.

(the) End – I think I have no more at this time, so I will say this is the End of E for me


Lostcheerio said...

Here's Irene's polem -- I looked it up back on Benny's preschool blog...

"Irene's Polem"

the sun is coming up
the sky is looking blue
the coconuts are blooming
the STRAWBERRIES are blooming
and it's ALL TO ME

the fairies are waking up
the fairies are reading books
the fairies are happy
the fairies are playing
the fairies are playing so much
the kids are happy and playing too
the fairies are jenning kenning lenning
the wind is coming and the baby fairies are staying at home
but the fairies are never ever going to go away
never ever gever fever glever jever never

the moon is coming up
the sun is going away
and the clouds are going
the stars are coming out
the wishing star is the very first and brightest star at night

never ever go away from the baseball, stay there at night when you want to
just stay and play
no matter what, it's ALL TO ME

kristen said...

YOU are the MOST beautiful and wonderful, ms. lydia!!!

and cripesolio! i have 3 days to get things together for our fabbbbbbbuloso visit! need to look at the weather etc....eeek! excited, but feeling a bit frantic....