Monday, June 19, 2006

shangri-la/lizard brain

so, a very good friend convinced me that i should try this easy peasy shangri-la diet with her. from what i understand, you fast for two 2 hour blocks each day at the exact same time. after the 1st hour, you ingest a tablespoon of oil or a tablespoon of sugar. well, shazaam! that's easy enough, you do the sugar, right? of course you do. well, suppppooooosedly, if you decide to do the sugar, you could go into liver failure. hmmm. okay.

so, what's this supposed to do? it's supposed to reset your lizard brain. yeah, i don't get that part either. but it's supposed to make you feel full quicker.

so, i tried it. all we had, oil wise was extra virgin olive oil. i only just barely got it down. i only JUST avoided refunding it all. it was gross and heinous and it made me not want anything at all with oil in it ever ever. so i thought i'd wait until i got some more organic virgin unrefined coconut oil b/c it's got a slight coconut taste to it. well, it was better than the olive, but still, burping up coconut oil for 3 hours is just not fun. so, i'm going to skip this one. i do, however, wish my dear friend all the positivities in the world and i know she will be svelte in no time at all. i will continue to be a bit roundish. i am walking though. so that's something.


Lostcheerio said...

I can't do it either. I hurl the oil. Maybe we should try the sugar way, livers be damned. Or is it kidneys. It's some vital internal organ that needs to be damned.

kristen said...

heh heh! if it's kidneys, heck! we have TWO of them! we could lose one, right?

Dara said...

gaaaaaahhhhhh! How did you DO that? OMG, I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it! Hey - I went off sugar and dairy to control my allergies and I'm still off sugar (with special exceptions, like when I traveled to CT and Vegas) 2 months later. Let's see if it takes off poundage.

kristen said...

i know - it's awful. awwwww-fullllllll! and good for you for staying off sugar! i'm totally impressed with you!